Finally taking the plunge at 34

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Re: Finally taking the plunge at 34

#16 Post by Gypsyphd »

Hi all! It's been a while. My teeth have made great progress in a few short weeks! I just had my first wire change after 8 weeks and boy I forgot about the tenderness. :shock: The staff warned me that this wire is really going to move things along so I need to be prepared for a little pain. Excited to see how things progress!

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Re: Finally taking the plunge at 34

#17 Post by cs2thecox »

I'm 33 and 5 weeks in, and second time round.
Glad there are plenty of us out there!

My adjustments are every 4-6 weeks, although I had to go back 3 times in the first 3 weeks for little tweaks, brackets that were struggling to bond to crowns etc!

I have metal ligatures on my front teeth to speed things up at the moment, which are *really* scratchy, and I have linguals so they're scratchy on my tongue ALL the time which is a bit of a pain. Hopefully they will have done the trick and I can go back to elastic ligatures at my next adjustment... Only 5 more weeks to go!

I started with quite an open bite and it's closing down well already, but I think the second half is going to be harder than the first.

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Re: Finally taking the plunge at 34

#18 Post by kathydell »

47 here and had them on for about 9 months now. Best thing I ever did for myself. You will find lots of support and help here for sure. Welcome to the "cool kids" club.

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Re: Finally taking the plunge at 34

#19 Post by Fidget77 »

36 and getting braces on Tuesday :)

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Re: Finally taking the plunge at 34

#20 Post by Mike02110 »

33 and have gone for the initial consult and records. Still trying to decide whether to go with ceramic or invisalign. But... the journey (one way or the other) will begin real soon.

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Re: Finally taking the plunge at 34

#21 Post by jkf »

[quote=JeniK post_id=437666 time=1381459405 user_id=21519]
56 yrs young..and braced for 9 weeks

I'm with ya! Just got my braces 3 days ago,some sensitive teeth, lots of irritation. But being 59 guess I have to be kinda tough! 😁

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Re: Finally taking the plunge at 34

#22 Post by AndAndAnd »

I think the consensus is that it's never to late to get a brace. I've hated the way my teeth look for nearly 25 years and just getting the brace fitted felt like a massive relief. That's not something even my wife understands. I'm 9 months into an expected 30 month treatment plan, but no matter the duration it's all a step in the right direction. Good luck on your journey!

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Re: Finally taking the plunge at 34

#23 Post by Shaa »

I’m 46 and into 7th week being braced. Self ligating brackets on top and bottom teeth. Ortho estimates 12 months and so far it’s been positive. I am supposed to see my ortho every 4 weeks for check ups. This is something I’m solely doing for myself and couldn’t be happier with the decision 😃

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