6 Month Progress - For those thinking about it ... Do it!

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Re: 6 Month Progress - For those thinking about it ... Do it

#31 Post by kathydell »

Hi Anna5 - I checked my ortho consult notes (their official version, not my notes) and there isn't any mention of cross bite. I don't remember this coming up in conversation with my ortho either so I would have to say no. I'm not sure how much more time at this point. I've had really quick response on everything except closing up the space between the top & bottom molars on each side. During my last visit, she gave me a new elastics configuration of really small strong elastics from the hook on each top molar right down to the bottom molar, so straight up & down. And, she increased from 12 hours a day elastics to all the time with the exception of eating & brushing. I'm planning a wedding at the end of next September and she did confirm on my last visit that I would definitely be done in time for that. If so, that gives me a total treatment time of about 18 months. We didn't do any of the "shaving" people talk about. Just the extraction. She did mention doing a little bit of shaping on the 3 remaining incisors so they all look similar (one is a bit mishapen on the side, and another one kind of wings up) but wouldn't do that until the very end. I should probably mention that in addition to the 1 incisor recently, my 2nd molars in from the back up top were taken out when I was young. We were poor and didn't have any insurance so the dentist thought this would free up some space to make the top less crowded. None others taken out on the bottom.

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Re: 6 Month Progress - For those thinking about it ... Do it

#32 Post by allymac »

Wow what incredible results! I am so happy for you, I know how it feels to not like your smile. Amazing progress. Thank you for posting, I'm only one week in to wearing my brace but seeing photos like this make me excited to continue!

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Re: 6 Month Progress - For those thinking about it ... Do it

#33 Post by Lorianne »

Wow! That's fantastic progress in only 6 months! You look great!!

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Re: 6 Month Progress - For those thinking about it ... Do it

#34 Post by Anna5 »

Maybe you could give us an update picture? I would love to see how your teeth are looking now. I am sure they are beautiful!

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Re: 6 Month Progress - For those thinking about it ... Do it

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