Permanent Retainer? Will my teeth move in the meantime?

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Permanent Retainer? Will my teeth move in the meantime?

#1 Post by FinallyBracesFree »

I have a couple questions, hope everyone can help me out! I just got my braces off yesterday morning (Thursday). I had them for 2 years. I have severe anxiety and my orthodontist did not have patience for it at all. I had already planned (and they gave me the option) of having a plastic retainer for the bottom or a permanent bonded retainer on the back of the teeth. I chose the permanent bonded retainer. Well earlier today after dealing with me for 4 hours, they told me they weren’t going to do the permanent retainer anymore to make it easier for me and that we would just do plastics for both. I knew right away this wasn’t going to work and would be WORSE (how they figured it would be easier I have no idea). I can’t handle my top and bottom retainer (they gave me a temporary plastic Essix until the Hawley comes in 2 weeks from now) in my mouth at the same time. It makes me gag and causes severe anxiety. Not to mention, a part is poking me and bothering me. They told me to cut it but I have no idea how to cut it. That wouldn’t help anyway, I still couldn’t wear it. I hate the feeling of my teeth being completely enclosed, it makes me nervous. With just the top, I have slight anxiety but I’m fine. Even with the Hawley, there is NO way that I can wear them on top and bottom. So I’ve just been wearing the top. They’re closed on Friday but I’m going back Monday or Tuesday (my location, they have 2 offices) to get them to put the permanent on the bottom like I wanted and like we discussed I would get. Why do people treat me like this just cause I have anxiety? Anyway, I have a few questions.

1) Will my bottom teeth move by time I can get back to the ortho on Monday or Tuesday? My bottom teeth were not that messed up to begin with, it was mainly my top. I had extractions on the top so as you can imagine, it’s more important to wear the top one (since I can’t handle both in my mouth at once).
2) What is the process of getting the bonded retainer on? They told me it’s the same process as getting the braces on. They just glue it, rinse me, all that. But I’ve read online that you sand the area and take floss through it and stuff like that so I’m worried.
3) Will there be glue all over the teeth where the bonded retainer is? I’ve seen some pictures and there is glue all over the teeth. Do they not clean up the remaining glue? If not, is this irritating rubbing your tongue all over glue?
4) Can you gag on the permanent retainer at all? I assume not but I’m just asking.

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Re: Permanent Retainer? Will my teeth move in the meantime?

#2 Post by jem »

1. I don't imagine your bottom teeth will move in such a short period of time, but why not try to wear your lower essix, even if it means taking a break from your upper essix. If your upper teeth do drift at all, it will not be by much and wearing your upper essix again (after getting your lower permanant retainer will correct) any minor movement.

2. Getting a bonded retainer is like getting braces on. Your teeth have to be prepared in the same way so that the retainer is securely bonded on in the same way as brackets. It is a straightforward process and mine did not take long.

3. There is no need for there to be glue all over; it should just be a small blob attaching the retainer to each tooth.

4. The gagging reflex is something at the rear of your mouth. this is not a problem with a bonded retrainer which is only on your front teeth.

Good luck

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Re: Permanent Retainer? Will my teeth move in the meantime?

#3 Post by ambraced »

I have a problem with gagging usually. So far only the bottom brace has been removed, just two days ago. I found the bottom removable retainer very comfortable. I also have a bonded retainer. The worst part for me is while I'm putting the removable retainer in and while I'm removing it. The orthodontist advised me to wear the removable retainer at night only but I decided to wear it all day long for a couple of months. I am very anxious about my teeth moving back. Try to calm yourself down and wear your retainers.....teeth move. Try putting one in relax, then after some time put in the other.
Regarding the bonded retainer it wasn't a big deal while it was being attached. The wire is not completely bonded. I managed to clean beneath the wire with a very small interdental brush. My new airflosser hasn't arrived yet. It is a pain to keep the area around the bonded retainer clean and I'm quite concerned because I get a lot of plaque formation.
Good luck!

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