New Member - struggling with braces!

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Re: New Member - struggling with braces!

#16 Post by djspeece »

lm2812 wrote:not quite sure i have got the hang of quoting someone else???

Just go to the post you want to quote, hit the "Quote" button at the bottom right, and a new window appears with the quoted text in [brackets]. Make sure your cursor stays below those words, and type away.
Also, there is a preview button right next to the "Submit" button, so you can actually get an idea if the magic you are attempting actually is working!
Best of luck!

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Re: New Member - struggling with braces!

#17 Post by Funtobeme »

[quote="Nana51"]I'm 18 days in and would just suggest, as far as eating, that you just eat small bites. From a technical standpoint, I have to place food IN my mouth as I think I couldn't bite cotton candy in two right now. I have open bite anyway but not forever!!! Placing the food in my mouth avoids the problem of getting food in my front brackets. I guess each person would be different in that way. Like most things in life, trial and'll get it figured out. Be sure to update us on your progress.[/quote]
I do this too. Cut everything up..including sushi, pizza, hamburgers! It def helps not to get stuck in the front braces. And forget about eating frozen Popsicles crush them up for slush pops! Two weeks with braces on for me :)

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Re: New Member - struggling with braces!

#18 Post by cooperrmi »

They will def get better. I adjusted after about 5 days. I tried to not use wax as much as I could to get my cheeks and lips used to the braces and they def were uncomfortable but now feeling ok. I do eat everything cut up on my back teeth. Haven't had first adjustment yet do may be diff situation then. Good luck

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