time to fix overbite/jet w/ or w/o extractions?

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time to fix overbite/jet w/ or w/o extractions?

#1 Post by twentysomething »

26 y.o female, got braces 10 months ago to fix what i think is a hybrid overjet/overbite (i don't know exactly what it is as he didn't state the specific terminology in my treatment docs).

he said i might be potentially getting them off this winter or spring...which would put me well under the initial estimated 24 months sentence. (which i hope potentially he's correct, but i do care more about the quality not the duration)

of course, i've worn my elastics consistently, have healthy oral hygiene, so maybe ive been a good kid!

how long did it take you to fix or your overjet/overbite w/ or w/o extractions, and how long is your estimated time to debracing?

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Re: time to fix overbite/jet w/ or w/o extractions?

#2 Post by bmueller »

2 mm overjet corrected in 3 months

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Re: time to fix overbite/jet w/ or w/o extractions?

#3 Post by isthistaken »

My overbite and overjet plus crowding and misaligned bite are in for about 16 months, no extractions.

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Re: time to fix overbite/jet w/ or w/o extractions?

#4 Post by Bikerchick85 »

I had extractions for severe crowding. Also have overbite and a cross bite. Estimated treatment time 24 months. Which I hear is pretty standard for an adult case especially with extractions. I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that it would be closer to 18 months lol WISHFUL THINKING!


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Re: time to fix overbite/jet w/ or w/o extractions?

#5 Post by waterworld »

You could always try a functional orthodontist to move your jaw forward but your treatment might take a while longer.

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