Braces at 40

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Re: Braces at 40

#16 Post by realfroggie »

IMHO it is SEXY to see adults that are taking care of themselves! Nothing to be embarrassed about! If you are making the choice to be 'braced' post-40 because you are finally brave enough, rich enough, crazy enough, stable enough, or any other 'enough' ...GOOD!! We all focus soooo much on what everyone else thinks...but you (as my 13yo says) got to 'do you' once in awhile!

The way I see it....I have put everything, and everyone else, before this need of mine for a looong time....I paid my due in being teased all through school, passed over for jobs as a grown women, assumed to be of lesser intelligence by others (because Brains and Straight Teeth are in a direct relationship right?) IS high time I 'do me'!!

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Re: Braces at 40

#17 Post by Kezza »

Hey you! I'm 39 and have had ceramics on top since mid april. I get a tooth removed tomorrow then metal bottoms on 9th september....I'm loving having braces...I think I might actually miss them a little once they're off! :crazy: Welcome to the 'Cool' Club! :-1
39 year old woman.

Upper Ceramic Braces Put On 16/4/2013.
Lower Metal Braces put on 9/9/2013.

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Re: Braces at 40

#18 Post by Funtobeme »

I'm 35 and got mine on 2 weeks ago. Easily pass for 29. Feel like i look like a teenager! I'm getting used to them. Only top on now. Dreading adding the bottoms. More crooked there. :(

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Re: Braces at 40

#19 Post by ambraced »

I'm 41. Got braced at 38. Wanted to have a beautiful smile for my fortieth birthday. Just got rid of my lower metal brace after three years and a week two days ago. The saga on my uppers continues. I had self ligating ceramics which all broke ........ now I have normal ceramics on the social 6. I'm hoping they'll be off for my 42nd birthday in December!!

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Re: Braces at 40

#20 Post by jesamyn »

I turned 40 about a month ago, and got my Damons yesterday. I'm glad that I am doing this, as I've got rather annoying bite issues. Right this second, I'll admit that I am having to tell myself it'll get better as my mouth gets used to all these little pokey things (brackets, not wires). :)

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Re: Braces at 40

#21 Post by JeniK »

I am 55...have had my braces 2 weeks..and I love it!! Clear on top..and metal on the bottom...people who have noticed...all have something positive to say. No one has asked me "WHY?" :tingrin:

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