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#1 Post by secarb »

I just got my braces and removable bite plate earlier this week. I have an overbite and for as long as I can remember I have never been able to rest my back teeth on top of each other. I'm in my mid twenties and had to sign an informed consent document, which I'm sure everybody has to sign. One of the caveats of the document stated that desired results may be limited. I also remember speaking with my ortho during my consultation asking if my back teeth will touch by the end of treatment and he responded along the lines of "we'll try but its not guaranteed." Now I know he's just probably trying to cover himself but it really shook my confidence on the whole thing but I ultimately decided to get the braces anyway. I'm still a little nervous about the end result. How exactly does the bite plate normalize my bite?

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Re: Skeptical

#2 Post by smilehope »

Hi Secarb. I had a bite plate for the first 6 months. The way it was explained to me it was keeping my bite open while my bottom teeth were brought forward. Now 15 months in my bite is getting better although I can only bite with my back teeth if I pull my lower jaw back. Still getting better all the time but VERY slowly!

Have a look at my thread on the braces stories page - a little way down as I've not updated for a while. Have an appointment next week so I'll try and update again.

Good luck with the bite plate - they're really horrid, but the time will go quickly. How long do you need it for?
1st Feb 2012 - extraction both upper 2nd premolars
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Re: Skeptical

#3 Post by djspeece »

Yes, informed consent can be a bit disturbing. I guess that is why they call it "informed." Nothing is guaranteed. If you have ever had a medical procedure (e.g., surgery) you will really have your eyes opened to the possibilities. Just do your part as far as hygiene and dietary guidelines etc. and go to someone in whom you have great confidence. Sometimes patients tend to force providers into a corner with their questions, seeking only an answer that they want to hear (not that you would do this, just saying from experience). Best of luck to you!

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