What to ask ortho during consultation

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What to ask ortho during consultation

#1 Post by wwapd »

Besides cost, what questions would you have asked.

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Re: What to ask ortho during consultation

#2 Post by bmueller »

What is the treatment time (estimated).
Are there extra costs for records/x-rays or at the end for a retainer
What type of retainer do you use.
Will I need elastics (rubber bands)
Will I need any other supplemental devices (TADS, expanders, Forsus, etc)

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Re: What to ask ortho during consultation

#3 Post by djspeece »

From a logistics point of view, I would want to make sure I was clear on their availability and office hours for those inevitable visits that are sometimes needed between your regularly schedule appointments for adjustments or clipping of an archwire. My ortho has Saturday appointments but they always seem to be taken by the younger patients.

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Re: What to ask ortho during consultation

#4 Post by rawr101 »

Have you ever treated someone with with the same conditions..(overbites, overjets, open bites,crowding, combinations,etc)?
What were the results?
What are the treatment options?
Why do you prefer one over another?(Tads over surgery for example)
Treatment time.
Do you provide in house financing?
Does the fee include retainers and any other treatment appliances?
Do you have an emergency on call number in case a wire breaks, an elastic pops, i am in severe pain etc?

Also not only should you ask questions but you should see how friendly and thorough they are. For example I had a list of questions during my consult with my current ortho but he was so informative and genuinely wanted to make sure I was informed vs trying to sell himself to me that I only had 1 follow up question vs the 20 I had prepared.

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Re: What to ask ortho during consultation

#5 Post by Larkwind »

I would ask whatever questions you feel are relevant to your treatment and your finances. Ask what kind of devices you'll be needing, and how long your treatment is estimated to be, and what method of payment they accept and if they have payment plans. Definitely get a feel for their office availability, and how easy it will be for you to come in for any emergencies you may have.

Other than that, you need to remember that this is a long-term relationship you're making with this office staff and this doctor, so you need to make sure you like and trust them. When you go in for consultation, take note of the office environment, how friendly and helpful the staff is, and whether the doctor makes time to talk to you and make you feel like you have his attention. My doc is pretty personable and he makes the effort to discuss personal life stuff with his patients. Before he came over to greet me, he said goodbye to a young patient leaving and told him to say hi to his brother and have fun on his trip to London :wink: And I think that kind of relationship is important to have with someone who's responsible for possibly a 2-year or more medical treatment for you.
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Re: What to ask ortho during consultation

#6 Post by Jjlin24 »

Additionally, if you forget anything you can always call or email your ortho's office. Mine was great about answering follow up questions

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Re: What to ask ortho during consultation

#7 Post by NeilH »

I have always found gut feeling a good way to go. How do you feel about the staff, office and treatment plan? Could you work with these people and do you think they will listen and respect your views and wishes? Some good questions have been offered, I would add 'what are the risks?' Although orthodontic treatment is routine to them, for you it might be completely new so I would expect they should spend plenty of time answering your questions and discussing options with you. If they don't want to spend the time when they are still trying to win your business, what's the chance of them spending time resolving issues once you have paid them?

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