Weight GAIN and braces

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Re: Weight GAIN and braces

#31 Post by JeniK »

I have to say this is a bit discouraging! I was hoping to lose a few pounds when I get braced. And maybe that would be enough to get me motivated! Wishful thinking I guess! But I am determined to make other changes in myself. One is make it to the gym more often. I would love to be a few pounds (ok..more then a few!) pounds less when I am out of braces. So I am setting a goal for myself. A new me with a beautiful smile!

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Re: Weight GAIN and braces

#32 Post by Tobilei »

rhibee83 wrote:i just continue to pile it on lol. I to used to eat really healthy before braces, and now i just cant get back on track :oops: :paperbag:
It hurts too much to chew healthy food!

And I have other health issues that prevent me drinking smoothies/eating certain healthy foods (not all healthy foods, just certain one's). I keep ranging between gaining 2kgs and then losing it, then it comes right on back. Driving me nuts!

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Re: Weight GAIN and braces

#33 Post by MrsCharisma »

The MOST unfortunate part of being braced -- I just do not eat as well as before. My weight has held steady...but I can't snack on raw veggies like carrots for example...Or eat an apple on the go :( I can't eat anything on the go! :-* :-* :-* I have to cut everything up into manageable pieces!

Considering most of my work is closing my gap, my incisors are ALWAYS tender and sensitive and I can rarely bite directly into anything.

The easiest stuff to eat does seem to be the carbs!

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Re: Weight GAIN and braces

#34 Post by Alee »

I think I was able to lose a little weight in the beginning bc my mouth hurt, chewing was hard, and the biggest thing, I wanted to keep my braces clean, I know it sounds crazy, but it was just easier not to eat than to have to spend 10 minutes cleaning after every snack I ate.

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