I recently got 8 TADs/Miniscrews placed..

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Re: I recently got 8 TADs/Miniscrews placed..

#16 Post by rawr101 »

bmueller wrote:You're not allowed to eat anything you have to chew? How long is this going to last?

I had jaw surgery and wasn't allowed to chew for the three weeks after being banded shut for 3 weeks. That was incredibly annoying and I had a hard time eating enough calories.

I can't imagine not being allowed to chew food for longer than "recovery" time when I was basically too weak to chew anyways.
I'm not sure..I was under the impression I would have the TADs in for at least a year. But I went in yesterday to have the bands changed and I have made significant progress in just a week. My molars are definitely intruding so it may only be a few months. It is incredibly annoying lol. You are brave for going through the surgery. I dont know if I could do it if the TADs dont work.
duchiemarie wrote:I am so happy to hear that your pain has decreased a bit since the beginning.

It is too bad you can't really chew. Are you finding you get alot of headaches with those tads?
Surprisingly no headaches. I just knew that the TADs would be a problem especially given the sinus pain I experienced afterwards. But I dont have and pain or headaches now. My lips scratch up against the tads but even that isnt painful. Sometimes I forget they are in. Honestly as bad as it was the first week I already feel like the pain was worth it b/c I am seeing progress and am completely pain free now. The only thing is the annoyance of making sure the i dont unconsciously chew through the bands or they dont slip off my teeth.

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Re: I recently got 8 TADs/Miniscrews placed..

#17 Post by ajs604 »

Hi I have just been reading your posts and saw your photos. I also have TAD's but they are fixed in my mouth (see my mini blog. Saw yours is quite similar to mine although my open bite is more severe I think? What country are you in. I wonder why they are using a different technique on me. I would be interested to follow your progress. I have only just got used to eating with the appliance in my mouth. Found the braces a bit tricky, been told I will wear them for 2 years. Anyway best of luck with your progress! :)
Started treatment to correct open bite non surgically

My Story so far: http://www.archwired.com/phpbb2/viewtop ... 13&t=44572
TAD's inserted into upper pallet 9/5/13
Braces & intrusion appliance fitted 23/5/13 - journey has now fully begun.
1st adjustment 2/07/13

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