Impacted/Exposed Canine Bracketed: Nerve Pain??

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Impacted/Exposed Canine Bracketed: Nerve Pain??

#1 Post by sablequeenie »

Hi all! Question for anyone who's ever had an impacted canine treated or anyone knowledgeable about the subject...

This past Thursday I had an impacted upper canine that has been exposed and on its way down into my arch since December bracketed. My orthodontist told me I'd be experiencing quite a bit of pain/tension as the tooth finished moving down to join the rest in my upper arch, and sure enough the standard 'adjustment pain' started to flare for the next day or so, which since I'm well- used to it by now, was fine. However about two days ago, something started happening that caused me a great deal of concern. I was using my water pick to clean my teeth, and when the pick's tip went over the canine, there was a jolt of severe pain, then the gum around the tooth started bleeding. Although the bleeding stopped, ever since this happened, I've been experiencing EXTREME pain in the tooth whenever I drink anything cold or when it's exposed to air. This isn't standard adjustment pain either; I'm convinced this has to be some kind of nerve pain, because of the extreme sensitivity, as well as the fact that it shoots up into the roof of my mouth and sometimes feels like it's in my nasal cavity.

Is it possible I've injured/damaged a nerve somehow? Is the swift tooth movement making the nerves more sensitive? I think I'm going to schedule a follow up appointment with my ortho just to be sure, but I was just wondering if anyone else who's had an impacted canine or has experience in dealing with them could offer some feedback for me.


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