Query- over brushing and gum recession

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Query- over brushing and gum recession

#1 Post by Timetoshine »

Ok- so I could be paranoid, but I'm worried I'm over brushing and causing some gum recession... Nothing major but just a niggly worry.

Any one else think about this, or have had it? What did you do?

I only use an electric toothbrush once a day (bedtime) and normal soft bristle brush rest of the time...

Ortho visit in 2 days so will ask him also :)

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Re: Query- over brushing and gum recession

#2 Post by Sita »

I had gum recession on my four lower front teeth from brushing too hard for years. I kept trying to brush gently but I would stop paying attention and brush much too hard. I broke the habit by switching to an electric toothbrush last year and letting the brush do the work. My gums are much healthier now. And the gum recession is gone. One of the unexpected benefits of my braces is that when the gaps in my lower teeth were closed it moved the positioning on my gums enough that they're no longer classified as receding. :-)

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Re: Query- over brushing and gum recession

#3 Post by Tobilei »

I have this problem. I switched to a super soft manual toothbrush but I can still feel that I've rubbed them raw sometimes. I'd like to say an electric toothbrush helped me but it didn't, I ended up making them worse. I find I do it more in braces than without because you have to brush so long being so careful to get under and around the brackets (and having chains on top makes me even worse-so much food seems to get caught in those).

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Re: Query- over brushing and gum recession

#4 Post by sirwired »

It's all about your brush and your technique:

- ALWAYS use the softest brush that particular brand offers for sale. Medium are too firm, and Firm should only be used for scrubbing mildew off of tile grout.

- Let the brush (and paste) do the work. If your brush starts looking like your dog chewed it by the time it's 3-month life is up, you are brushing WAY too hard. (The bristles should slightly dissheveled after 3 months, but no bristles should be splayed or crushed.) What you are trying to remove is a sticky film... it's sticky, not hard, and nothing more than making sure the bristles drag over the surface repeatedly is necessary.

- Pushing the brush slightly into the teeth while tilting at maybe a 10-15-degree angle from horizontal will push them out enough to get underneath the gumline; DO NOT point the brush near-vertical into the gums and scrub away.

- Lots and lots of short gentle strokes spanning no more than a couple teeth if you use a manual brush. (No "wood-sawing" action needed.) No scrubbing at all if electric (just let it run for a few seconds over each tooth surface.)

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Re: Query- over brushing and gum recession

#5 Post by BraceFace2o1o »

I have gums that have receded from years of rough brushing. I always thought the harder I brushed the cleaner they would be... I was wrong and damaged my gums in the process.

It wasn't until I went for orthodontic treatment that I found out my brushing technique was wrong. I was told to brush down from the gum (when brushing the upper teeth) and not in circular motions as this can push the gums up away from the teeth. Ever since having braces I have brushed in a sweeping motion by placing the tooth brush on the gum and then sweep down onto the teeth and I can say that my gums have not receded any further so it must be working.
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