Journey begins! After 4 teeth out/braces same day... Day 6!

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Re: Journey begins! After 4 teeth out/braces same day... Day

#16 Post by sirwired »

"Torque Auxiliary Devices" are referred to here as TADs. (I thought they were Temporary Assistive Devices...) In any case, they are a small stainless steel screw that is screwed through your gum tissue directly into your supporting bone. They are used as an anchor when the orthodontist would like to assert some force (usually using elastics) in a direction where he doesn't want an opposing force pulling a tooth out of line.

They are inserted as a simple in-office procedure with a shot of anesthetic and then the insertion with a fancy screwdriver. Most orthos do this in their own office, but some farm it out to an oral surgeon.

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Re: Journey begins! After 4 teeth out/braces same day... Day

#17 Post by Timetoshine »

urgh - you may have confirmed what I hoped wasn't needed sirwired! I don't like the idea of 'screw' in my jaw, even though they say it doesn't hurt. Im such a chicken! I thought TAD was short for Temporary Anchorage Devices, but have decided its just another way of saying TADs!
Oh well - I'm in for the long haul, so bring the day on that they are needed as I guess it means progress!

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Re: Journey begins! After 4 teeth out/braces same day... Day

#18 Post by Timetoshine »

tiana wrote:Hi. How do you felt during the extraction? Did it hurt?
I have a teeth to be pulled off and, like you, i wish to have braces putted in at the same time. I hope this is possible.
Hi tiana,

I really doubted my judgment the days before I got the work done... but thought my logic was ok, and I trusted my ortho and the dentist implicitly (had been recommended the dentist by many). BUT it was all ok and in retrospect I am very happy with my decision. I was worried as many on the forum said - wow thats a lot in a day, good luck, oooo I had 2 weeks between my extract and brace fitting etc etc. However, don't be put off! I am sure the whole experience depends on your individual case though.

A little more info on 'the' day:

11:30am Ortho:
spacers out - ouch! Worst part of the day! They didn't hurt while they were in. My teeth contacts were so tight the spacers hadn't made any room, and even after a bit of filing the ortho still couldn't get the molar bands on. He decided to leave molars alone, and just brace the front 8 upper and lower. Made sense as I was having teeth out in afternoon, and he wouldn't have wired molars up anyway he said!
Braces on was fine - no pain, plenty of chapstick before.

1:30pm Gelato!! - as I know I won't be eating much the next few days

2:30pm Dentist
I had Intravenous Conscious Sedation to remove x4 bicuspids (next to my molars). My dentist is experienced with this sedation method and I felt very comfortable. It was a drug called Midazolam (just found this site: ... -sedation/) and I cannot remember A THING of the tooth extraction. Woke up feeling very good/a bit out of it, and my partner drove me home as I chatted away. I was aware of what I was saying and wasn't talking rubbish, but when I look back at the hours afterwards it is a bit hazy. Would have it again in an instant. Note: not used for people who are pregnant. Straight home and into bed with gauze in my mouth. Dentist post-extraction care: change gauze if required, dry socket rare in that part of mouth, x4 mouthwashes a day with salt and warm water only. Did all that and have had no problems whatsoever. Erred on the side of caution with eating so didn't get anything stuck in extraction sites. Was on Paracetamol / Ibuprofen for a few days, quite constantly - tried to keep on top of the pain- that was probably the worst part, but just sat through it.

5 days later: Off painkillers, used to braces and starting to vary my food diet!

My advice would be take a week off work/study to leave yourself time to just chill out and get over it/used to it.
Great thing is that my ortho said my teeth will move a lot faster since I have the spaces for my teeth to move into. Pleased I wasn't braced for weeks before the extractions as nothing may have been able to move!

Any other queries, please ask!

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Re: Journey begins! After 4 teeth out/braces same day... Day

#19 Post by smilehope »

Well done for getting started - your teeth are going to look fab. I'm over a year in and I hope only 6 months away from finishing. It's lovely when your teeth straighten out (or "unravel" as my ortho says!)
1st Feb 2012 - extraction both upper 2nd premolars
Braced 9th March 2012 - lower metal fixed and upper removable plate
5th September 2012 - bite plate gone, upper ceramic fixed fitted
Estimated treatment time 18-24 months

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Re: Journey begins! After 4 teeth out/braces same day... Day

#20 Post by Timetoshine »

Thanks smile hope - your countdown is definitely on! Best wishes :D

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Re: Journey begins! After 4 teeth out/braces same day... Day

#21 Post by tiana »

Thank you, Timetoshine. Sure, 4 teeth at once are a lot! You have been brave!

Yesterday I had my tooth extracted too, but compared to your experience, mine was simpler. I almost feel embarassed to have feared it... It was only a single tooth, a bicuspide near the canine.
The ortho braced that tooth 20 days ago to make it loose and really it was almost swinging.
I had only a local anesthesia and the pulling lasted 20 seconds, i think.
No disconfort at all. And almost no pain so far.

The only bad thing is that now i have a huge hole in the smile. :( And it will last a long.

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