Headaches more noticeable a week after getting braces

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Headaches more noticeable a week after getting braces

#1 Post by amyhenna »

I am very excited to have braces, even though I'm only 6 brackets in so far. I can't stop looking at them. I love them!

But my question is this: is it normal to start getting headaches about four or five days after the braces go on? It's like a have a constant slight pressure all over my head, including the top of my skull bone :-)

I'm trying to figure out if this is normal braces pain, or a reaction to the brackets, archwire, and/or blue colored ligatures.

Is it going to be like this for two years?

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Re: Headaches more noticeable a week after getting braces

#2 Post by Snowglobe32 »

I had headaches, mainly migraines, regularly before braces but as soon as I got the braces, they went away. I now get the normal "headache" occasionally.

It could just be your body adjusting to the new pressue of braces. If you don't see an improvement soon, I will let your ortho know. My ortho told me, in the beginning, to let him know if I experienced anything out of the ordinary.

Headaches shouldn't last the entire time in braces at all, that isn't normal. The occasional headache is normal after adjustments.

Good luck!

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Re: Headaches more noticeable a week after getting braces

#3 Post by dobiegil »

I have had an increase in headaches, but not for sure if from braces. I fell on ice approx. 3 weeks after braced and think it and being braced is responsible. I'd like to hear others experience with this too.

Thanks for posting.

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Re: Headaches more noticeable a week after getting braces

#4 Post by missblu3 »

I believe the occasional headache is normal, especially after adjustments, as Snowglobe32 mentioned. I find that maybe with the self-ligating type some days are worse than others, too, with headaches. It should definitely not be an all the time thing, though.

Robin, did you hit your head at all on the ice?

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Re: Headaches more noticeable a week after getting braces

#5 Post by isthistaken »

To me, that sounds like it could be sinus-related. That is usually why I get that kind of headache, and it is that time of year, in both hemispheres, actually. Another possibility/guess might be just kind of tension from the new experience of getting used to the braces. I think it's a bigger adjustment than many realize, it has been for me anyway!!! :Questions:

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