Getting allergy tested for excited!!!

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Getting allergy tested for excited!!!

#1 Post by amyhenna »

I don't know if there is anyone else on this forum (or ever will be) who are allergic to seemingly everything. I feel sick if I get anywhere near a balloon, so latex is a killer for me amongst many other things. When I had braces as a kid, my face was constantly swollen, and my eyes would puff shut (usually only one or the other...thankfully). We never related the reaction to my braces until after I got them off and my face went down.

So this time, we're going to AVOID nickel :-#)

I have found a great orthodontist who has eliminated latex and nickel in all components except for three bands that will need to go around my molars, and the archwire. For those, she's having me pick them up this Friday to tape to my arm for 24 hours, to test for reaction. I'm also going to take them to my doctor to get allergy tested for them. Orthodontist said that if I do react to them, there are other alternatives she can order, but they may cost more. I'd rather pay a little more than asphyxiate myself or swell up like a pumpkin head, so yeah...I'm fine with that.

I'm so happy she is working with me and taking my allergies seriously. And she's researching options if need be! I am so happy about this, because I was very worried that my allergies would be a deal-killer in having a second go with braces.

Best of all, the colored ligs are latex free. Woo hoo! It's all about the colors :-)

I am just writing this to give hope to others with allergies. I will keep posted on how things go.

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Re: Getting allergy tested for excited!!!

#2 Post by Tobilei »

I don't have nickel allergy but I have a few others so I can empathize. Glad you've found someone who's being so helpful! Good luck with it all and let us know when you've got them on :)

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Re: Getting allergy tested for excited!!!

#3 Post by SunshineRay »

I dont have an allergy but Im glad you found someone to work with you!

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Re: Getting allergy tested for excited!!!

#4 Post by Ciara »

Oh, good luck! I'm glad you were able to find an orthodontist who is understanding and able to help you.

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Re: Getting allergy tested for excited!!!

#5 Post by MilkTeaholic »

Wow never knew that you could be allergic to your own braces. You learn something new everything day. I just also learn that some people can't do invisialign because they can be allergic too.

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Re: Getting allergy tested for excited!!!

#6 Post by smootie »

How did the allergy test go? I have nickel allergies, too, and and am a little scared to get regular braces because sometimes the reaction doesn't show up for a few days or longer (and then it hits with a vengeance!).

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