Can tooth issues mimic a jaw problem?

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Can tooth issues mimic a jaw problem?

#1 Post by loveactually »

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or experiences on this. Is it ever possible for tooth misalignment to falsely indicate a jaw problem?

The reason I'm asking is this - I was told the other day that I had class 2 division 2 malocclusion. I have not had any x-rays taken, and the ortho asked me to bite down to the point that my molars touch (ie, "clenched teeth"). I was told that my lower jaw is too far back compared to my upper jaw. In the "clenched" position, my molars touch, and my lower incisors hit the gums behind my upper incisors (the outer surfaces of my top and bottom incisors rub each other when I clench). My top front teeth are tipped inward. My lower set of teeth do not have any issues (apparently perfect alignment).

However, when I'm at rest, I usually keep my teeth apart (not touching, not clenched). If I were to bite down from that position, my bottom teeth want to line up with my upper incisors to the point that they'd make contact with each other (or my lower jaw would even come forward a bit), not fall behind. I need to bring my lower jaw backward in order to bite, because that's when my molars are able to hit so I can mash up food or whatever. I'm thinking my tipped front teeth are in the way.

Does anyone know if it's possible for tipped front teeth to limit a bite and create a false sense of a jaw misalignment? I'm planning on getting another consult soon, but it would help to get any insight on this!

Thanks in advance! :)

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Re: Can tooth issues mimic a jaw problem?

#2 Post by TMJJill »

I'd recommend making your second consultation with a Functional Orthodontist or a Neuromuscular Orthodontist. They can look at the teeth in relationship to the bite. They just take a bit of a different approach. This is their specialty though.

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Re: Can tooth issues mimic a jaw problem?

#3 Post by Lada »

Wow I was searching to see if anyone else had something similar. I seem to have a malocclusion exactly how you have described. I have been researching it and getting some consultations done. I believe my lower jaw being forced backward by my upper inward inclined teeth has caused a sleep breathing disorder and bruxism. Did you ever move forward with anything?

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Re: Can tooth issues mimic a jaw problem?

#4 Post by Mimo1985 »

Im wondering the same thing. I had one previous ortho suggest surgery (strongly) to help correct a slip on the right side of my jaw, assuming it was an issue extreme enough fr that option - but then several other orthos have told me that they could fix the slip without surgery (just with braces and a little IPR).

So - Im wondering if my jaw is actually fine, but its just the position of the teeth. I hope someone else with experience can answer - Id be curious.
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