Who applied your braces?

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Re: Who applied your braces?

#16 Post by BracesChick »

Maybe it has to do with how the brackets are put on? A mold of my teeth were made so the ortho could make trays with the brackets that just slide on to my teeth. 4 parts were made. So they didn't have to place each bracket individually.

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Re: Who applied your braces?

#17 Post by Jester321 »

My orthodontist did mostly everything. His assisstant only handed him whatever he needed at the time.

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Re: Who applied your braces?

#18 Post by CarrieG »

My dentist is doing my braces (my cases is not complicated) and so far she has done everything - applied the brackets, placed the wire, done the cleanings, etc. The assitant just hands her everything. I'm only 2 months in so I don't know if this will change or not.

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Re: Who applied your braces?

#19 Post by MrsCharisma »

Assistant placed the brackets, ortho checked, had her correct a couple (THAT was fun - not!). Then he checked again. THen she cured, then he checked. Then he placed the wire.

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Re: Who applied your braces?

#20 Post by oldfart »

Assistant cleaned. Ortho applied. Assistant did the ligatures.
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Re: Who applied your braces?

#21 Post by BraceFace2o1o »

My orthodontist applied my braces.

At all adjustments it is my ortho that does the work.
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Re: Who applied your braces?

#22 Post by quentin »

I have Damon braces:

The assistant took impressions, cleaned & prepped my teeth; the ortho placed the brackets as the assistant passed them to him. He also cured the glue with the blue light. I was surprised that she put the wire + coil on, but he did come by to see how she was doing, and then he also did the final inspection before I was sent on my way.
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Re: Who applied your braces?

#23 Post by jaybea20 »

I am new here-but I had the assistant prep me and the ortho actually put the brackets on. The assistant then put the bands and wire on. I was surprised the assistant did a lot of the work.

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Re: Who applied your braces?

#24 Post by isthistaken »

I got my braces 4 days ago. The assistant did most of the application (was a bit surprised although it is an incredibly busy office.) The doctor bounced in a number of times to check, give instructions, and apply brackets to my multiple crowns.

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Re: Who applied your braces?

#25 Post by 30withbraces »

My ortho does everything. The assistant does what her role says, assists. She hands him the tools required but that's all. She hasn't come anywhere near my mouth and I don't expect she ever will.
The practice my ortho works at is small. He shares it with his partner but they don't work on the same day so he has time to see each patient completely.
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Re: Who applied your braces?

#26 Post by Sita »

Orthodontist. The therapist did all of the prep work but the application of glue and brackets was all done by the ortho.

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Re: Who applied your braces?

#27 Post by wildpig »

Ortho fellow with attending ortho for supervision at beginning of every visit. Then the fellow does everything.

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