How often are your visits?

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Re: How often are your visits?

#61 Post by Ambrosia80 »

Every 8 weeks so far, except my next adjustment which will be 5 weeks.
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Re: How often are your visits?

#62 Post by Featheryy1221 »

My first adjustment was supposed to be 5 weeks, but I had to change my appointment so it was close to 6 weeks. My next adjustment appointments at exactly 4 weeks. I was told the first appointments will be 4-6 weeks then later on 6-8 weeks. We'll see though. :)

Estimated treatment time: 18 months. (6 months- expander, 1 year- braces)
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Re: How often are your visits?

#63 Post by Nozzelnut »

My first adjustment was supposed to be at 4 weeks, but they had to reschedule it and I had it at 3 weeks instead. They said 4 to 6 weeks for my next appointment; I scheduled it at 4 weeks.
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Re: How often are your visits?

#64 Post by nicolie825 »

I got my Damon braces on June 3rd and my first adjustment is 10 weeks from that date.

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Re: How often are your visits?

#65 Post by blacy1 »

Every 6 weeks- I have self-ligating braces.

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Re: How often are your visits?

#66 Post by hocuspocus »

I have ceramic on top and metal on the bottom. I go every 6 weeks.

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Re: How often are your visits?

#67 Post by cs2thecox »

4 to 7 weeks depending on progress and how long my ortho thinks I need!

I had to do a couple of reschedules due to business travel that I think pushed one gap out to 8 weeks, but that wasn't the plan.

I was slightly baffled by the instruction for 7 weeks between my last appointment and the next one, but I'm sure my ortho knows what he's doing! (Thankfully I'm in the UK where my ortho does everything, and the assistant just passes him the ligs or whatever. I can't believe you barely get any time with the actual ortho in the US!)

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Re: How often are your visits?

#68 Post by deathorglory »

I've gone every 6 weeks so far (braced 3/7/14!), but my powerchain broke at 4.5 weeks so I went in early. I was told to return in 5 weeks, but then the ortho is on vacation, so it's back to 6 weeks for me :)

I figured I'd think about it this way - the longer the number of weeks I go between visits, the more chance my teeth have to move into the correct alignment, so it doesn't matter how long I go. I WANT MY TEETH TO MOVE!!!!
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Re: How often are your visits?

#69 Post by hellocanada »

Initially I was told that I was supposed to visit every 4-6 weeks. So far, I have been scheduled each time to go in every four weeks. I have had five follow-up appointments so far (not including the first one to put on the braces).

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Re: How often are your visits?

#70 Post by polishedprefect »

I've been regularly every 4 weeks. I just got a TAD put in to even out my top teeth and due to that I have to make a 2 week visit, which is turning into a 1 week visit since it's already loose :(

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Re: How often are your visits?

#71 Post by SoIWasLike72 »

My first visit was after 7 weeks, and my next visit is scheduled for 8 weeks.

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Re: How often are your visits?

#72 Post by clearlybracedmomma23 »

mine are every 4-6 weeks. just depends on what my ortho is trying to accomplish between appointments.

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Re: How often are your visits?

#73 Post by MIbean »

Usually every 6 weeks with a few exceptions.

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Re: How often are your visits?

#74 Post by dantocanada »

Currently I seem to be every 8 weeks, as I just had my first adjustment today (8 weeks since bonding) and my next one is 8 weeks from now. However in December I will be having Wilckodontics surgery on my top jaw which is going to cause my tooth movement to go into hyperdrive for 6 months, so I've been told adjustments will be every two weeks during that rapid movement phase.

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Re: How often are your visits?

#75 Post by Paris19 »

My visits are every 4 weeks and I only have the upper Damon brace on as of yet. My lower ones will be put on in 2 weeks time!

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