How often are your visits?

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How often are your visits?

#1 Post by slb1107 »

I go about every 8 weeks. So once every 2 months. I'm curious if that's the standard or not.
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Re: How often are your visits?

#2 Post by ITALIANNYC »

I have been going every 4 weeks for adjustments for the past 8 months that I have had braces. I have regular metal braces.

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Re: How often are your visits?

#3 Post by TMJJill »

I have self-ligating braces. I go every 4-6 weeks. I don't always make it the full time though because there always seems to be something going on in-between, like a pokey wire or hook that slides out of place.

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Re: How often are your visits?

#4 Post by Tobilei »

My first adjustment was 7 weeks in, my 2nd will be after 4 weeks. It seems to vary but generally anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks I think is normal.

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Re: How often are your visits?

#5 Post by helricha »

every 4 weeks for me...and my son has had his braces for over a year and it's always been every 4 weeks.


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Re: How often are your visits?

#6 Post by AM21 »

I go every 6 weeks.
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Re: How often are your visits?

#7 Post by Marigold »

Mine are usually every 6 weeks.
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Re: How often are your visits?

#8 Post by Jerseygirl »

I go every three weeks. Ligatures are changed every time and sometimes new wires.


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Re: How often are your visits?

#9 Post by MrsCharisma »

I'm told I'll go every 4 weeks. ... 13&t=45175

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Re: How often are your visits?

#10 Post by Sita »

Adjustments for me are 8-10 weeks. I rarely make it that long though. Lots of gaps being closed means lots of visits for pokey wires to be cut.

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Re: How often are your visits?

#11 Post by oimysizex »

I go every 10-12 weeks, which is really long compared to some others on here, although my treatment is through the NHS...

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Re: How often are your visits?

#12 Post by Ciara »

About every 4 weeks, so far but I've only had 2 adjustments.

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Re: How often are your visits?

#13 Post by Corrinne »

I'm NHS too, my appointments are every 10 or 12 weeks. I think this is because I had root damage fom previous orthodontic work. I have a friend with braces on the NHS too, his are every 6 weeks. When I had them as a teenager (again on NhS) it was every 4/6 weeks.

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Re: How often are your visits?

#14 Post by KeL Anne »

I was told every 6 weeks but I have my first adjustment in 5 weeks.

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Re: How often are your visits?

#15 Post by khaymie78 »

Since I've been braced (6 months), I go every 4 weeks.


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