Help dealing with coil springs and spacers..

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Help dealing with coil springs and spacers..

#1 Post by rawr101 »

So I need spacers back on in order to make room for the molar bands on my TPA. I guess due to the shape of my molars only two rubber spacers one on each side were able to fit in between the teeth. Last month we had to take a mold and for about a week I had the spacers and thought they were just annoying. This time my ortho also put these coil springs going from my last molar up to my canine. OMG. I hate life right now. My teeth hurt/itch so bad.(sidenote: do any of you guys get an itching sensation. I think my nerves are tingling at the roots so it feels similar to an itch lol.) I have 7 more more days with these on and I am seriously considering removing the spacers to offer a little bit of relief even though I know its the coil springs that are ripping my teeth apart. My gums are so sore and swollen. I just want this to over. Do you guys have any tips for dealing with the pain and irritation?

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Re: Help dealing with coil springs and spacers..

#2 Post by bemurray »

Ice cream and pain killers! Sorry I'm not much help, I've got my spacers in atm too and it sucks! Hurts more after attempting to eat, the only relief I get its by biting down on my bottom teeth (I've got two on one molar on each side up top), but that makes it hurt more later - feel like I'm teething! Hang in there!

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Re: Help dealing with coil springs and spacers..

#3 Post by Louise! »

I've had spacers on for the first week but they haven't bothered me too much. The day after getting them my entire jaw was sore and that lasted a couple of days, and I've been unable to chew anything due to molar pain when biting down since I had them in, but other than when I try to chew I don't feel anything at this point and they're out tomorrow. I just popped an ibuprofen a couple of times a day for the first two days and was fine :)

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