Wire sticking out at the back - normal?

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Wire sticking out at the back - normal?

#1 Post by Natasha5604 »

Hi guys, just a quick question! I had my braces in 11 days ago (Damon clear on the top only) & I've had to use absolutely loads of wax. On one side it feels like the wire is sticking out of the back of the last bracket - only by a few mm but it feels really sharp & it's mashing up the inside of my cheek when I talk/chew. I thought it would get better as my mouth toughens up but it still feels very sore. I was just wondering is this normal? Is the wire supposed to poke out a little bit like that? I'd be really grateful for any advice! Ooh also, my front teeth feel like they're loose - that's ok isn't it?!
Thank you!

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Re: Wire sticking out at the back - normal?

#2 Post by TMJJill »

It is disconcerting, but the loose teeth are very normal. You will have a lot of tooth movement in the beginning.

As for the wire poking out the back, it happens, but it isn't normal. Either they left the wire a bit too long, the wire has shifted or your teeth have shifted a lot already.

I have Damon clears on top also and have had trouble with the wire sliding in one direction. They ended up clamping some stoppers on the wire next to a couple of my teeth to keep the wire from sliding.

You should call and talk to your orthodontist. It sounds like you need to go in to have the wire fixed.

Pokies like that have really torn up my mouth in the past. I've found that the Mack silicone ear pillow wax works the best for that. It is really soft and the wire doesn't cut through it as easily as the harder ortho wax.

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Re: Wire sticking out at the back - normal?

#3 Post by Roboto »

Your wire poking out the back is somewhat normal. Like TMJJILL said, it's either because they didn't quite snip it off enough or it's due to your teeth moving (let's hope it's that!!). My ortho told me to call whenever that happens because the longer you let the wire dig up the inside of your cheek, the higher your risk for infection or something like that. I let it go for like a week and a half once because I had a regular adjustment coming up and they told me I really shouldn't wait. I let myself be uncomfortable for no reason at all :/ .. oh well! Give the the ortho a call and I'm sure they'll be happy to tuck you in for the 2 seconds it takes to snip your wire.. it's not an unusual problem, especially if you're closing up extraction gaps.

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Re: Wire sticking out at the back - normal?

#4 Post by tfischer »

I have had this happen a few times, the wire popping my cheek because my teeth have moved. My ortho has told me to always call them so they can see me asap so they can fix the wire. I had my wire poking my cheek since Friday and already have the call into the ortho - just waiting to go see him on Monday. Is does hurt and can rip your cheek - wax is my best advise. I do rinse with peroxide - it seems to help soothe it. Hope you can get into the ortho soon....



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Re: Wire sticking out at the back - normal?

#5 Post by Kipepeo »

My wire has been creeping out slowly. It hurt and made an ulcer at first, but then toughened up. It catches all the time but doesn't hurt anymore. I didn't think it was a big deal, but based on what I just read on this thread it sounds like maybe I should get it snipped. Is it that bad that it's catching?

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Re: Wire sticking out at the back - normal?

#6 Post by kennyandrew85 »

It's quite common if you had gaps to start with, as your teeth move close together they use less of the wire space so you have excess wire at the back and this digs into your cheeks, I've had this loads and it's not comfortable! go get it snipped!
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Re: Wire sticking out at the back - normal?

#7 Post by bbsadmin »

You should never suffer needlessly from a wire poking into the back of your cheek. Call your orthodontist and get the wire clipped. Often you can just "drop in" and don't need to make an actual appointment for this -- but always call first to be sure.
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Re: Wire sticking out at the back - normal?

#8 Post by BellaBraces »

I regularly found the wire creeping out as the teeth moved. It was annoying but only came out a millimetre or two and could be covered by wax.

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Re: Wire sticking out at the back - normal?

#9 Post by Kipepeo »

So I called to change my next appt and indeed...they want me to come in and get it clipped.

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