Day 3 with braces, Omg

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Re: Day 3 with braces, Omg

#16 Post by Crazy4Snow »

I felt like you, I almost went back and had them taken off because the pain was so intense. But I'm SO glad I didn't. I'm a little over 18 months now and have ZERO regrets, it's so worth all the pain and aggravation!

The first week was the worst, the adjustments only hurt for a day or two and is no where as painful as that first week.

You'll be so glad you got them. I promise!

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Re: Day 3 with braces, Omg

#17 Post by WiredJon »

It's amazing how quickly you get used to them, isn't it?

I had mine put on a couple of weeks back and really thought I'd made a huge mistake for the first few days. Then I just got used to them and now it's not until I eat that I remember that they're there! Of course, my first adjustment is in two weeks and I'm sure I'll be reminded of their presence then :-/

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Re: Day 3 with braces, Omg

#18 Post by ITALIANNYC »

I never even felt a hint of pain from my braces and my teeth are pretty messed up. Amazes me how some people actually feel pain and some feel nothing.

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Re: Day 3 with braces, Omg

#19 Post by teambathmat »


I am day 3 of my braces been fitted. Feels a bit weird and achy but hoping they feel better soon. So glad I have found this forum!

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Re: Day 3 with braces, Omg

#20 Post by Patmos330 »

Yeah it really does seem to fly by after a while. I'm at 4 months today, but I still remember how horrible those first couple days were. It gets a lot better

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Re: Day 3 with braces, Omg

#21 Post by Natasha5604 »

Hi everyone, I'm getting my braces tomorrow & am feeling quite scared! I'm going to visit some friends over the weekend & we're supposed to be going out for dinner on Saturday which will be my day 3 so im even more scared after reading this! I'm starting to wonder if I should cancel because of the pain & stuff but the visit was arranged well before the date for my braces. Any tips? Thank you!

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Re: Day 3 with braces, Omg

#22 Post by plugnickel69 »

Natasha, don't go crazy with worrying. Got mine on and was invited out to lunch for Indian food the next day and then ate dinner out with wife and friends that evening. Chewing was a little bit of a problem, but had no pain. Just be careful what you pick to eat at the beginning. Had trouble chewing meat like steak at first, but that didn't last long.

As many on this board know, the anxiety of anticipation is much worse than dealing with the actual braces. For me, the only real bother is food getting stuck when eating, and even that gets significantly better as your teeth begin to straighten out.

Good luck tomorrow and above all -- don't cancel out! You'll find that your friends will be very supportive and most of your fears will be unfounded.

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