Anyone get braces without spacers first?

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Re: Anyone get braces without spacers first?

#16 Post by denSMSgt »

So happy I didn't have spacers this time, only brackets on molars!!!

In the 80s I had these odd metal spacers, while a decade-ish ago the spacers were a round blue rubbery type. Both AWFUL!

Nice to see and experience the technological advances in hardware in 30 years!

SMILE Y'all! :tingrin:

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Re: Anyone get braces without spacers first?

#17 Post by AM21 »

Didn't have spacers or molar bands. Just brackets on my molars. :)
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Re: Anyone get braces without spacers first?

#18 Post by fatty1403 »

I had spacers, and mien were the round blue rubber-y kind mentioned above! They felt weird at first, and did not prepare me at all for molar bands! :( And today I went for my first adjustment, where I was to be put in a tongue-trainer, but there was a really weird problem! My molar bands were size 18, so was my tongue-trainer, and when she tried to fit it, it didnt, and instead had to fit me in with molar bands of size 22 :/

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Re: Anyone get braces without spacers first?

#19 Post by Mauvaise »

smilehope wrote:Another with no bands - my molars have brackets on them. The very back ones are bracket-free. I thought from what I'd read that bands were only necessary if you have a filling which reaches the side of the tooth - there may be other reasons as well I guess.
No bands (so no spacers). All of my molars have brackets on them, except the upper right one came off when they were trying to snip some excess wire off quite a few months back. They never reapplied it so I guess it's not necessary to my treatment (at this stage).

I have a crown on that molar and the ortho said that the cement doesn't stick as well to crowns, so if (when he puts it back on) it falls off again, he'd have to put a band on the molar.
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Re: Anyone get braces without spacers first?

#20 Post by drgnchsr36 »

I never got spacers! I count myself lucky :)



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Re: Anyone get braces without spacers first?

#21 Post by Matilda »

rawr101 wrote:I was wondering if anyone has had braces without geting spacers first?
Braces only, no spacers.

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Re: Anyone get braces without spacers first?

#22 Post by isthistaken »

No spacers here. I was surprised since my daughter got them at the same office and we have similar issues and my teeth are even more crowded than hers were. Not complaining !!! :wink:

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Re: Anyone get braces without spacers first?

#23 Post by quentin »

Hi there! The first orthodontist I saw (traditional braces) suggested 4 extractions and spacers immediately after. I wasn't too comfortable with the suggestion and sought a second opinion.

In the end, the orthodontist I went with (and adore!) used Damon system (self-ligating). I have no extractions, no spacers nor molar bands. All my upper teeth have brackets on them (Damon clear), the last two back molars on my lower teeth are NOT braced.

Hopefully that information helps. Seems like a good deal of people have good progress with their orthodontic treatment without spacers, so don't worry.

Good luck!
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Re: Anyone get braces without spacers first?

#24 Post by MaryLiz75 »

No spacers here either, but also no molar bands.

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Re: Anyone get braces without spacers first?

#25 Post by Cdp95 »

I didn't have spacers either :)

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Re: Anyone get braces without spacers first?

#26 Post by EmBee »

For the people who disliked molar bands, what was so awful about them? I have to have them put on 3 and a half weeks, and I do have spacers in the backs to open up space for them.

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Re: Anyone get braces without spacers first?

#27 Post by Marigold »

I have Damons, was supposed to get spacers because I have a lot of dental work on my back molars. However, they couldn't get them in because my teeth were so tight. The ortho said it wasn't a big deal, just had to do an extra step in the adhesion process to mount the bracket (not sure what exactly). I've only had one bracket come off and that was because I ate a Lemonhead. From all the bad things I've read about spacers, I'm glad I was spared that grief. Hopefully you will be too!
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Re: Anyone get braces without spacers first?

#28 Post by PaisleyGrrl81 »

Anyone have spacers and molar bands installed who did not have crowns and fillings in back? My treatment calls for spacers and brackets day 1, and molar bands a week later. I have no dental work aside from one small filling, in the middle/under side of one of my upper molars. I am most nervous about the darn molar bands! I have read so many horror stories. I wonder if that is just some ortho's standard of treatment for everyone? ...Versus brackets on the molars. Would it be out of line to "request" no molar bands? Or ask about any alternatives? Or should I just proceed with my treatment as prescribed? Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm having a lot of anxiety over the whole spacer/molar band thing. :?
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Re: Anyone get braces without spacers first?

#29 Post by pearlies »

I think some orthos still prefer the molar bands over braces - I did hear that the molar bands have less tendency to pop off so one can eat a bit more liberally with molar bands on. I've already nibbled on chips on my back teeth that are in bands.

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Re: Anyone get braces without spacers first?

#30 Post by samoorelaw »

I had only one spacer put on 4 months into treatment to make room for a molar band on a crowned tooth.

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