My braces are off!

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My braces are off!

#1 Post by luchababe »

I posted this in another forum thinking it was this one, so since I'm excited I'm posting it here too.




By 12:15 pm today, they were OFF. Phew! I didn't want to hope too much in case someone's mind was changed but they came off! Pretty painless and quick. And I didn't throw up when they too the mould of my upper teeth! So that's a HUGE BONUS. They'll call next week and I can go in and get my upper retainer. I'll have to wear it all day for a month, then only at night after that.


I feel like I have fake plastic teeth. They look so huge and LONG in the mirror.

I'm going to ask if it's safe to use some whitening strips when I go in next week. I figure a week so sensitize myself to hot and cold and to get things settled down. I was told to wait a few weeks before going in for a dental cleaning so my December appointment looks safe.

Also NO STAINING! 2-3 cups of tea of coffee a week during the fall and winter didn't wreck me! :lol:

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Re: My braces are off!

#2 Post by sweetcynic »


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Re: My braces are off!

#3 Post by Ashybear »

They look amazing! I absolutely can't wait to get my braces off (and I've only had the top ones for 3 months and the bottom ones for a whole 3 hours or so). Stories like yours make me hopeful!

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Re: My braces are off!

#4 Post by jvr2 »

Your teeth look great. Congrats!

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Re: My braces are off!

#5 Post by curious19 »

This really makes me hopeful, tough it is really intriguing for me to see the braces widen your jaws. Tell me something frankly and truthfully: If braces WIDENED your jaws doesnt it make your cheeks look sunken in or stuff??? Doesnt it make your cheek bones LESS PROMINENT???????????????????


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Re: My braces are off!

#6 Post by AM21 »

Congrats!!! Your teeth look gorgeous! :jump:
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Re: My braces are off!

#7 Post by vegathestar »

Your teeth are amazing!!! So nice now! *drooling with envy*
So did you get your teeth extracted? I would have thought that your case is pretty mild and it shouldnt take the orthodontist any more than 1 year to fix it without extraction.

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Re: My braces are off!

#8 Post by Angel269 »

They look great :-D



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Re: My braces are off!

#9 Post by luchababe »

Thanks everyone!

vegathestar: He wanted to pull some teeth, but it was up to me so I said no thanks. He got my teeth 99% perfect, 100% would have meant losing teeth and who knows how much longer in braces. So no thanks! I can live with what I've got!

curious19: I would think only in extreme cases would you notice a change in your cheeks or cheekbones, like if you were very gaunt and your jaw was widened or narrowed. I haven't noticed any changes in my face and I think my top teeth were only slightly pushed out to the sides.

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Re: My braces are off!

#10 Post by smilingoutloud22 »

CONGRATULATIONS! They look awesome. :jump:

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Re: My braces are off!

#11 Post by jem »

Fantastic, Luchababe. Congratulations!

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Re: My braces are off!

#12 Post by Noni »

Congratulations :jump:
They look amazing .

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Re: My braces are off!

#13 Post by Marigold »

Congrats! Your teeth look great!
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Re: My braces are off!

#14 Post by junkfood1991 »

wow ur teeth look so clean and straight!!!!!!!!!!! :-* :-* :-* how did you keep ur teeth soooo clean with braces on????

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Re: My braces are off!

#15 Post by Kirsten2011 »

Hey there!
Congrats! Your teeth look amazing!! Your teeth stucture (before) is so similar to what mine was. But your results are super awesome and they are so lovely and white! I have some bad staining (then again at 35 yrs old i didnt really ease up on the coffee throughout the years), but am going to be working with my Dentist to do some non-vital bleaching.

Enjoy the new teeth and take good care :)


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