Impacted Wisdom Teeth ?

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth ?

#1 Post by smile4jen »

My top wisdom teeth are gone. But my bottom wisdoms are bone impacted.
(guess near the nerve dentist didn't think they needed removed)

My question is... Is anyone in braces that have impacted wisdoms ?
If you do... Have they effected your treatment ?

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Re: Impacted Wisdom Teeth ?

#2 Post by bracesandcurapp »

I would just get them removed.. the recovery wasnt too bad for me for my wisdom tooth extraction. Good luck

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Re: Impacted Wisdom Teeth ?

#3 Post by smile4jen »

I got my Braces on the first of Oct.

Ortho said my impacted wisdom teeth would not interfere with treatment.
No need for surgery unless they cause me problems in the future. (I'm 42yrs)

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Re: Impacted Wisdom Teeth ?

#4 Post by Zaera »

I have three impacted wisdom teeth, two on the bottom and one on the top. I'd have four, but one actually came out sideways far enough that my regular dentist was able to pull it. I asked before I started my braces, and again 13 months in, what the plan was for them and they tell me that "we'll worry about them after treatment is done". I'm not sure if that means they need to eventually be pulled or not, I've read mixed things. I had severe crowding on the bottom and they've been working on aligning the bottom teeth for the last 5 months now with nothing changing on the top. I always wonder if they would have given themselves more room to work if they had the bottom wisdom teeth removed. They're shoved right up against my molars on X-rays.

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Re: Impacted Wisdom Teeth ?

#5 Post by ITALIANNYC »

My bottom two wisdom teeth are impacted but are about 85 percent through the skin. I just cant hit the back of them and a slight amount on one side. I eat with them as normal. I am not getting them removed because the molar tooth infront of them both needed root canals, so I want the teeth incase I lose them.

I also have 2 wisdom teeth on top that have not broken through yet but my dentist said we will worry about that when we need to. If they bother me during treatment and I need them out, we will do it. Until then, leaving them up there.

The bottoms I will not remove, and my dentist is fine with it.

They wont be moved during my braces process though because he said they are very tough to move, but might look into it later on into treatment.

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Re: Impacted Wisdom Teeth ?

#6 Post by udubdave »

I still have all four of my wisdom teeth, and one is impacted. My ortho suggested that I remove them, but he also said if I choose not to, they won't impact my braces treatment at all. So it's pretty much my choice.

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