Hoping to get braces soon.

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Hoping to get braces soon.

#1 Post by 88oscar »

Recently i went to see my dentist as i've never really been happy with my front two teeth ( as they are booth crooked). He checked it over and told me id be suitable for braces such as the inman aligner and quoted at £1200 for top and the bottom. Im not happy at the price so i found somewhere that does it cheaper. If you had it done at another dentist do you have to go through transferring all your past dental records from one clinic to another?

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Re: Hoping to get braces soon.

#2 Post by BellaBraces »

I am seeing one dentist for my Six Month Smiles only as my regular dentist does not offer them. The braces guy did not need all my old dental records. As all the xrays were taken digitally he forwarded them to my regular dentist out of courtesy

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Re: Hoping to get braces soon.

#3 Post by DivineDiva »

I shopped around, too, and wound up using a different office. They are familiar with each other, but that wouldn't give them the okay, without my explicit permission, to share my info. My ortho did his own xrays, and I think they're going to just take my word on cleanings. (My ortho doesn't do anything other than ortho.)

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Re: Hoping to get braces soon.

#4 Post by Glandyover »

My ortho just needed a "cavity check" from my regular dentist. Besides, your ortho needs different x-rays than your GP does. The side view is a lateral cephalogram that they use to determine the geometry of your face and jaw. I've always found that one the most interesting because you can see how your jaws line up with the rest of your face and whether your chin is weak or strong.
Don't sweat getting the records. That's part of your ortho's job and they don't have those X-ray machines sitting around for nothing. :)

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