1st Time Posting ... A long journey ahead of me...

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1st Time Posting ... A long journey ahead of me...

#1 Post by DenverDeutsch »

I'm 28 and just got braces...

The last time I went to a dentist, I was 15, the dentist informed my parents that what needed to be done would cost upwards of $15k. Needless to say, that was my last dentist appointment.

I'm finally in a point in my life where I can afford working on my teeth. I've waited so long for this but really had no idea what I was getting into. It started when I spent a week in Philly with my boss & I confessed my fears about smiling & never having a full smile. She understood as she also experienced similar problems when she was younger. Once we got back in town, she helped me choose decent insurance, referred me to a great practice, paid for my consultation, & supported me emotionally. Most importantly, she got me to a dentist. Step 1.

Step 2: diagnosis. My dentist reminds me that I have a very special & unique case and that patience is key. Basically, my smile looks empty on both sides; I have my front teeth (4) & bottom row (8). Many of my teeth are/were baby teeth with no roots. In the past 4 months, I've gotten multiple fillings, 4 extractions, full set of braces, & ramps for my overbite. Also I was diagnosed with periodontal disease. I've maxed my benefit for the year & paid $400+ out of pocket. But this is just the beginning! I still have oral surgery for a sleeping tooth in my top jaw, more fillings, many more crowns or veneers, & 7 implants to go! I'll have seen 3 different dentists when all of this is through.

The pain really doesn't bother me - I just want a smile so bad! I've never felt comfortable smiling before, ever. I enjoy reading everyone's post on here; it makes me feel so much better to know I'm not alone! I cried for hours when I found out I had to get braces but after talking to so many friends about it I felt much better. I never realized so many of my friends had braces! Furthermore I found out my ortho is the same dentist my boyfriend had when he was in high school!

Now that the process has started I am so much more comfortable with talking about my situation. I'm even more comfortable smiling! Today I went in for my first tightening & I am delighted to find out I will have pontics (fake teeth attached to my braces temporary) ready for my next appt. These next few weeks might be the last time in my life I will have gaps in my smile. I'm very anxious for my next appointment!

I'll be watching your posts for advice & look forward to joining this community. Thanks for listening!

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Re: 1st Time Posting ... A long journey ahead of me...

#2 Post by xanidu2012 »

Hi and welcome. I see you have started your journey. Enjoy the ride with the rest of us. Keep us updated and the best of luck to you. This is a wonderful place for advice, venting, crying and posts about ones who have joyfully compled the journey. Looking forward to reading your posts.

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Re: 1st Time Posting ... A long journey ahead of me...

#3 Post by Angel269 »

Great to see that you hae joined the board.

I myself developed a dental phobia as a teen and didn't go for about 7 years-3 years ago I was able to overcome my dental phobia. After various issues and reasonings (feel free to read my story) I decided to go for upper braces to correct my diastema and have had them for over a month now.

Look forward to seing photos and hearing as your journey progresses :D



My braces story: http://www.archwired.com/phpbb2/viewtop ... =9&t=42457

Big Day-22/06/12
Started using Bite Plate-14/07/12
Estimated treatment-8 months (upper ceramics)
Debond date-04/03/13

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Re: 1st Time Posting ... A long journey ahead of me...

#4 Post by Ness817 »

I always needed braces, never wanted them. Never liked my smile, I decided to get braces. Stepped up and dove in. 1st step to a beautiful smile.

Sounds like you insurance is picking up quite a bit, you lucky. Good luck.

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Re: 1st Time Posting ... A long journey ahead of me...

#5 Post by oimysizex »

Glad to see your finally doing something about your smile! It's going to cost a lot of money but worth it!
Good luck, and look forward to seeing/hearing about your progress :)

Been in braces foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

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Re: 1st Time Posting ... A long journey ahead of me...

#6 Post by DenverDeutsch »

Thanks everyone for your replies & support!

It's not an easy thing for anyone to get braces but it seems we all have dental issues at some point in our lives. I'll read your stories too & good luck, good health on your journies!

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Re: 1st Time Posting ... A long journey ahead of me...

#7 Post by cocomi »

Hi Denver!

Welcome to the Board! I'm new, too. I'm 23 and I'm about to get braces, as well.

Yea, I just saw an orthodontist FINALLY after waiting (until I could afford to pay for treatment) and he kind of scared me with his diagnosis. I understand how you feel about being nervous, so don't worry; there are plenty of people here who feel the same way!

And looking through the forums I felt a lot better to know I'm not the only one that needs braces. :)

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Re: 1st Time Posting ... A long journey ahead of me...

#8 Post by kickers814 »

I know how you feel. I started my journey back in March with a trip to the dentist to get all my pre-requisite work done before going to my ortho consult. I never really cared for my smile, and my parents were kind of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" type. I finally got to the point where I was able to afford it myself, and with the support of my husband, I took the plunge. I found out things that I never noticed before. I knew my bottom teeth were crowded, but I didn't notice my overbite, or the fact that I had a posterior cross bite. I also found out that one of my jaw joints is actually flat instead of rounded, and it was possibly the reason I had a cross bite. I was told that I needed much expansion in my uppers, and they took impressions for a quad helix expander. It was placed in April, and I hated it so much!!! I talked funny, my eating was impaired, my teeth were sore, it was awful!! After a while I got used to it, but it truly was a pain at first. I was told that I would have to wear it anywhere from 3-6 months. I got my braces put on(uppers and lowers) in July, almost exactly a month before my 29th birthday. At first I was so embarrassed to smile because I didn't know what people were going to think, but I got over it. The braces were a little annoying at first, and they rubbed my cheeks raw, but the wax helped tremendously, and eventually my mouth got used to it. I finally got my quad removed yesterday, after four months of wearing it. I kind of miss it, but then again I don't. I'm only about a month and a half into the actual brace phase, and I have about two and a half more years to go!! I keep reminding myself of the ultimate goal of being proud to smile and not worrying about how it looks. In the end, its all worth it!! Good luck on your journey!

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Re: 1st Time Posting ... A long journey ahead of me...

#9 Post by CoryDaniels »

you know what though? You are doing something about it. Just think...with every day that passes, you are one day closer to the smile that you have always wanted. I know it seems like alot, but once you get through the majority of it, you will be well on your way. Just keep your chin up and there will come a day when you look back on this stuff you went through and know that you only have to look forward to having a great smile that you are proud of.

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Re: 1st Time Posting ... A long journey ahead of me...

#10 Post by kingy »

I'm also 28 and just got braces on 2 days ago! I just found this site through googling information on braces. So glad to know there are other adults out there with braces, I feel like a teenager! Lol
I needed braces years ago in my teens, my parents couldn't afford them though. Now I'm able to pay for then myself. I've always been a bit self conscious about my teeth, especially after comments a couple of people made about them!

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