My girlfriend is getting braces too!

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Robot Teeth
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My girlfriend is getting braces too!

#1 Post by Robot Teeth »

I've had mine for 10 months, and have shown a lot of progress.

My girlfriend is an oral surgeon's assistant, and her boss offered to pay for her to get braces. She has been giving it consideration for at least a year, and now that he offered to pay, its a no-brainer. Her consult is in about a month, right after my next adjustment.

I like my braces, and I think my girlfriend will really appreciate the process and results, not to mention look cute!

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Re: My girlfriend is getting braces too!

#2 Post by kellyb »

aww, that's cute. a nice braces couple :D


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Re: My girlfriend is getting braces too!

#3 Post by kennyandrew85 »

My girlfriend too is considering braces, she had them as a child and has good teeth but after wisdom teeth arrived and she stopped wearing her retainer, her bottom teeth are a bit out of line.

She thinks my teeth will look too good next to hers at our wedding in July 2013, ha ha ha.
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Re: My girlfriend is getting braces too!

#4 Post by LEtranger »

I can really see how knowing someone getting braces can inspire others. I don't know anyone in real life that has or have had braces after the age of 20 so this forum really helps.

I'm glad my girlfriend does not have any problems with her bite as it's enough with me being grumpy around the apartment.
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Re: My girlfriend is getting braces too!

#5 Post by CoryDaniels »

my girlfriend is a dental Assistant and is wanting to get braces as well....she does have to have some perio work done before, but I think it is a trend that is quickly catching on.

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Re: My girlfriend is getting braces too!

#6 Post by Gemzi3 »

Very adorable :)

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Re: My girlfriend is getting braces too!

#7 Post by NICURN85 »

That is so sweet. You all will be able to encourage each other through out your treatment!!! That is great that her boss is willing to pay!!


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