Red Swollen Gums

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Red Swollen Gums

#1 Post by cbt325xi »

Dear All,

I've had braces since August, and rather suddenly, within the past couple of days, my gums in the bottom front are very sore, puffy and red. Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestions for treating them?

I have an appointment on Thursday morning, so will definitely get it checked then.

Many thanks,


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Re: Red Swollen Gums

#2 Post by loradora »

Have you been flossing and getting regular cleanings since you had your braces on?


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Re: Red Swollen Gums

#3 Post by ashesgap »

Definitely keep up the flossing and good brushing habits. Sometimes swishing with 50/50 peroxide water mix really helps. Have you eaten anything that could be sticking in your gums? Sometimes popcorn kernels can get lodge right at the gum line, and that can cause irritation.
I also used a kids toothbrush to clean the bottom of my lower brackets, and the top of my uppers. It's small and soft, doesn't irritate but cleans well.
Start brushing more, and if that doesn't help maybe going in for a cleaning will.
Good luck.
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