Whitening and bonding after braces off, but before retainer

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Whitening and bonding after braces off, but before retainer

#1 Post by oviviu »


I'am new to this forum and I would like to ask some opinions.
Here is my case:

I am 30 years old and I have been wearing braces for 13 months and I'll have them off in 3 months. One of my upper front incisors is chipped since I was a child so it must repared (using bonding).

My teeth are not quite white so i would like a professional whitening done after I get rid of the braces. The operations should be done in the following order:
- braces off
- whitening
- bonding (after the whitening, to match the teeth color)
- get the retainer shape (after the bonding to match the bonding shape)

My orthodontist says whitening takes more than one week and it's not acceptable not to wear the retainer fo so long.
My questions are:
1. is it true it's inacceptable not to wear retainer for a week after getting braces off?
2. is it possible to have two retainers: one while whitening, without bonding, and the other after bonding?
3. is it possible to have the professional whitening in less than a week?
4. For how long is the bonding matching the teeth colors? With other words: how long the whitening lasts?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Whitening and bonding after braces off, but before retai

#2 Post by braceface74 »

Sounds similar to what i will want after the braces come off but i don't know the answers i'm afraid... great help ay ;)

I'm sure there must be a way round it though and look forward to someone coming along who can answer for you.
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Re: Whitening and bonding after braces off, but before retai

#3 Post by XBIBIX »

hey oviviu,
I was faced with this same predicament in november! I'll tell u what i did...

I got my braces off on november the 23rd and had my zoom! whitening booked for 1st of december.
I got an essix retainer made the day i got my braces off and wore this for the next week and for a week after the zoom! while i was doing my whitening trays.
i then got bonding done on my top teeth on the 6th and straight after my appt. i went back to my ortho to get a new essix retainer made!
The cosmetic dentist put bonding material on that was slightly whiter than my teeth as i was still continuing to whiten for the next two weeks! its now matches perfectly!

It shouldnt be a problem for ur ortho to make u a new retainer after ur bonding, you should ask them about it :)
Hope this helps! :D

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Re: Whitening and bonding after braces off, but before retai

#4 Post by benj »

1. Not wearing your retainer for a full week after being debraced sounds like a really, really bad idea to me.
2. It's possible, but you would most most likely have to pay extra cost because of new impressions needed, dentist and lab fee's etc.
3. It depends on your exceptions of whitening. Some professional services offer full whitening in one hour, some over the counter products can lighten a shade or two per session. Stronger professional whitening preparations can be purchased and vary between 18% and 44% carbamide peroxide.
4. Results of bleaching can vary due to factors like your natural tooth color, food, wine and coffee consumption and other factors. In my experience bleaching resin bonding too often is not a good idea and reduces both the lifetime and the whiteness of the bonding.

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Re: Whitening and bonding after braces off, but before retai

#5 Post by sqmorales »

Im having the same procedure done, I got my braces removed (Jan 09, 2012) but my ortho told me that for the bonding I would have to wait 6 weeks for the teeth to settle. Im having the whitening procedure done Feb 09 and it should last no more than 2 hours. Last step is the bonding (Feb 16). I began wearing my retainers 5 days after my braces got removed. It did hurt a lot though because my teeth were shifting a little. good luck with your procedure :)

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Re: Whitening and bonding after braces off, but before retai

#6 Post by Dilema »

this is what I was searching for

thanks for the answers guys, I got another 2-3 months..

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