Bonding & Jacked Up edges :) Plus a little nervous.. :(

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Bonding & Jacked Up edges :) Plus a little nervous.. :(

#1 Post by ibraceface »

Hi all! Looks like I will be a member of the "october brace club!"

My dentist planned to do a little shaping and whitening when my braces come off, so I had an appoint with her to make sure everything was exactly where she wanted it so she could do her job post-braces. She made a few helpful suggestions, but overall felt like I was "done!" Somedays I don't feel done at all.. and my dentist was able to describe my situation perfectly to me!

"Youre teeth are pretty darn straight. You just have some :laughter: jacked-up edges, that with a little bonding will make a night/day difference". I hope that's right! :) I guess being an adult with crowding for 20+ years, I was bound to have some wear and tear to my edges.

Anyways.. here is somewhat closer to the final product. Probably a few more tweaks here and there.. and then bonding/shaping to make everything symetrical in the end.

I am so excited, but also really nervous. I just want everything to be right and have no regets in the end. I have been having nightmares the past couple of weeks about my teeth falling out. I hope this is normal.



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Re: Bonding & Jacked Up edges :) Plus a little nervous.. :(

#2 Post by Snowglobe32 »

I will also need some bonding and reshaping. I am at the stage now where things are aligned but the weird edges are not allowing me to the see the final picture just yet.

Your teeth look great as they are, I can't wait to see the end result! Please post photos when you are done.

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