Help! What should I expect?

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Help! What should I expect?

#1 Post by MetalNerd »

Hi all,

Well, I have had a terrible time trying to find a decent orthodontist. After checking out three, I think I may go with the one that offers the best deal, since my experience with the most expensive one proved to be rather dismal.

So, I have an appt this week to get braces, but I'm not sure what to expect. They told me I don't need to have a mold made, but will get braces on the top of my teeth first. Is that right? The other thing is I'm gonna go on a trip for a few weeks and worry that if I have problems I won't be able to see my ortho. Although they told me I probably wouldn't need to worry. But given my luck I'm sure I'll have issues when I'm like thousands of miles away. So I guess I'll wait?

Anyway, I wanted to know what exactly to expect on my first day at the Ortho. Like I just thought it was weird that I don't get a mold.

Thanks all.

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Re: Help! What should I expect?

#2 Post by luchababe »

I didn't get a mold either when I got mine. They said they only do that at the end for the retainers.

I think after a few weeks in braces you'll know what's working and what's not so you'll be comfortable enough to go away, so I wouldn't worry about that. Any pain and discomfort you have should be under control or gone. You'll know if anything's poking you or rubbing the wrong way by then so you can get any wires snipped down or be an expert with the wax. I just wouldn't schedule your first adjustment until after you get back.

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Re: Help! What should I expect?

#3 Post by drgnchsr36 »

I agree with luchababe.

Also, I recommend that you use wax wax wax in the beginning. As time goes on, you probably won't need it.



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