Impacted canine exposure surgery -- sedation?

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Impacted canine exposure surgery -- sedation?

#1 Post by Bracedmom32 »

So I have my consult with the surgeon about extracting 2 of my baby teeth and exposing/gold chaining my impacted canines scheduled for Monday the 27th. When I called they asked if I wanted to be sedated or not and I'm not sure. They suggested a consult before I decide and said my decision may be based on where the impacted teeth are located. I was awake to have my impacted wisdom teeth removed and it 2 hours of torture so I'm leaning towards sedation.

I know there is already an impacted canine club thread but I didn't see too much info about whether people opted for sedation or not.

I would really appreciate any feedback on your choices and experiences!!


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Re: Impacted canine exposure surgery -- sedation?

#2 Post by DrJasonKTam »

This is exactly it. It depends on where your canines are located. Some approaches may be more difficult and uncomfortable. Another factor to consider is your own personal tolerance for a procedure. Speak to the surgeon to discuss their recommendations. Keep us posted!
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Re: Impacted canine exposure surgery -- sedation?

#3 Post by fluffybottom »

I opted for sedation when I had my exposure done. My canine was in a deep and awkward position, yes, but I am also a big baby. Even if it had been an easy exposure, I probably still would have opted for sedation because I don't want any awareness of that kind of procedure.
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Re: Impacted canine exposure surgery -- sedation?

#4 Post by ngarner0717 »

I had the surgery done 5 times (don't ask why lol). The first time I opted for the laughing gas then the next 4 times they just numbed everything up. It really depends on your pain tolerance and where the teeth are located. But if your insurance will cover being sedated I would go that route. Mine didn't and I didn't have the extra money to pay for it so I just dealt with it. Best of luck to you.

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Re: Impacted canine exposure surgery -- sedation?

#5 Post by wiredmouth »

I have an impacted canine too! it's on the leftside of my mouth. It has good angulation apparently! I hope it all works well for you! Usually sedation costs more, that's what my surgeons office advised me of when i have my bottom impacted wisdoms removed!

I've created a blog of my journey with orthondotics if you wish to follow along and share in the experiences.

Good luck!

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Re: Impacted canine exposure surgery -- sedation?

#6 Post by MyLittleTeeth »

I had an impacted canine exposed under general anesthesia, not by choice - if it were up to me, I would have opted for local, but my tooth was lodged in the roof of my mouth in a strange position, so my oral surgeon insisted on general.

I think there are definitely some benefits of undergoing procedures with GA -obviously you feel no discomfort during the procedure, since you're unconscious. For me though, the kicker was the COST - the bill for the anesthesiologist was more than the cost of the surgery itself. My insurance covered a little of it, but I had to cough up the majority out-of-pocket. Plus, the IV sedatives made me feel really nauseous and loopy for several house after the surgery was over, which I didn't like. For such a short procedure (the surgical assistant told me the it only took about ten minutes), I would definitely have gone with local, if I had a choice.

I guess it comes down to personal preference - I've had numerous dental procedures, including extractions, done with just novacain, and being awake for them doesn't bother me at all. Others prefer to be blissfully unaware of all the "fun" stuff (cutting, stitching, etc.) that goes on during oral surgery, which is definitely understandable too. If finances are at all an issue for you though, I'd definitely find out ahead of time what the total cost of the procedure/anesthesia will be, and how much will be covered by your insurance.

Good luck!

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