Gaps that won't close

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Gaps that won't close

#1 Post by adm115 »

I got braces in May 2009. I was told initially I would wear them for 24-28 months. I have In-Ovation-C braces on top and metal self ligating on the bottom. I got engaged in June 2010 and when the orthodontist found out he said he would see what he could do to get them off. I told him I didn’t want them off if they weren’t where he wanted them because I planned the wedding for January 2011 thinking I wouldn’t have them off anyway. (No sense in planning a wedding around braces when you never know how things will work out) In October he told me he thought he could have them off by the end of December because things were going very good. He made an adjustment to a front tooth because due to the shape of my front 2 teeth, there was a gap close to the gum line. Up to this point I had been wearing power chains along the front 6 teeth to close gaps along with another type of string that they would put in a figure 8 around the front 6 brackets. Once he made this adjustment he put the power chain to cover all teeth on the front and didn’t put the other string which is when a large gap opened up between my front 2 teeth. I went back a couple of days later when I noticed that string was not there and the gap had opened.

He said at my last appt on Nov. 15 that he didn’t know why the gaps were not closed. (There is also a gap between the 3 & 4th tooth on the front on one side that has been there for a while) I don’t want the braces taken off to have a gap between my front 2 teeth along with the other one on the side. I got the impression that there is nothing else that can be done to close the gaps. I added pictures of the gaps. Although their terrible pictures maybe you can at least get a picture of what I'm talking about.

Has anyone else had problems with gaps opening up late in treatment and not closing? I’m guessing the only thing that can be done if they don’t close is to have them filled in which I really don’t want to do.
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Re: Gaps that won't close

#2 Post by Snowglobe32 »

Can we put another powertie on to close the gap?
I have had a powerchain on my bottom arch for almost a year. Occasionally, a gap will open then close. Your gap is somewhat small, I would ask for a powertie which will close that up real quick.

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Re: Gaps that won't close

#3 Post by drrick »

Could be an occlusal interference. Bite may need to be opened a bit more or the back of the upper teeth polished a touch to give more room for space closure.
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