Getting my uppers on next month. Why not lowers same time?

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Getting my uppers on next month. Why not lowers same time?

#1 Post by braceface2b »

I'm getting my braces toward the middle of next month. Well, half of them anyway. I'm getting the braces on my upper teeth, but not the lower ones.

I found this out during my last consultation today, when I basically signed on the dotted line, made payment arrangements, etc. I'll be getting my upper braces at my next appointment, along with something they're going to mount to the back of my two front teeth to keep me from biting down too far (I have an overbite, and I suppose this is supposed to start training my mouth for the position my teeth will eventually end up in.

I'm supposed to have by bottom braces put on at the following appointment, but I have no idea when the following appointment will be. I suppose they'll set it when I'm done with the first.

The question that came to me after I left my orthodontist's office today is why wait? I'm not really concerned about the separate appointments, or the time it will take or anything, but I had braces before when I was in high school. I only remember being in real pain twice - once when my braces were put on (they were all put on at once back then, both upper and lower) and when I had my last four molar bands put in. (I had a total of 12 back then, 8 of which went in when I had my braces put on.)

Fortunately, this time it doesn't look like I'm going to have to deal with the bands at all, which is fortunate. My orthodontist hasn't mentioned them at all, and my next appointment with him is when they're putting the top braces on, so he wouldn't be putting in any spacers for bands on top.

But I wonder why the break between putting the tops and the bottoms on? I have a feeling I'm going to be stuck eating soup for a week each time instead of one time. Is this common? Has anyone gotten their uppers and lowers at separate times? Are my concerns founded at all? Does it just prolong the pain or is it helped by only doing upper or lower at the first appointment?

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#2 Post by drgnchsr36 »

I'm having my uppers on during the first visit and probably (or hopefully) around 4 months later, I'll have my bottoms put on. I have a deep bite, so if I had my bottom brackets on, I'd bite them off or something similar. My top teeth completely cover my lower teeth and not only that, but they incline inward. The orthodontist has to fix that issue first, before bottom braces can go on.

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#3 Post by braceface2b »

Well, after using the search feature a bit, I'm less worried now about having the two arches done separately, and more concerned about the things they're going to put on the back of my front teeth.

My orthodontist described them as "bracket like" so I'm guessing from what I've read here that I'm getting bite turbos as opposed to the blue glue. They really, really don't sound like fun.

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#4 Post by Lynette »

If you got braces top and bottom your top teeth would most likely hit your bottom brackets. That's why they are waiting a bit and going to give you some molar build ups.

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#5 Post by BraceFace2o1o »

I am having my treatment the same way. I had my upper braces fitted last week and my lower braces will be fittted later into treatment (I don't have a date, or even a rough idea of when), because I have a deep bite (overbite).

I know some people with an overbite get buildups/bite turbos (to stop the upper teeth hitting the lower brackets) and then have both arches braced at the same time, but my Ortho never mentioned these.

My upper teeth cover most of my lowers and also my front teeth incline inwards a little so I would literally be biting on the lower brackets.

I believe, from what my Ortho said during the consultations, that once my upper teeth have moved/straighened out enough, then my lowers will be able to go on.
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#6 Post by jxds »

I'd rather have waited for my lowers to be put in and assumed a slightly longer overall treatment than bearing with the molar buildups, which were really challenging at first, since I could not chew on anything!
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#7 Post by smilelikeyoumeanit »

I also got my upper first because of a deep bite. I will get my lowers in January. I've already noticed that my bite is changing after only a couple of weeks. I'm eager to get started on my lower teeth because I've already seen some positive changes.

I'm also glad that I've gotten a chance to get used to the uppers. It seems like it would be a bit overwhelming now to get all at once.

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#8 Post by vak103 »

Hey Braceface2b,

I wonder the same thing while sitting in the Ortho seat. When I had that concern look on my face (okay now I'm ready for the bottoms) I was told I'll get the bottoms the next appointment (Nov. 30). It was fine with me...within a week, I was enjoying a "steak dinner". What hurt the most, was when my bottom 2 front teeth hit against my top front teeth. That was some serious pain!! It lasted for 2 days. My Ortho told me that the bottoms move faster then the tops.

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#9 Post by braceface2b »

Thanks for all the replies! It'll be an experience I'm sure!

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