So I was told they should be coming off this spring

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So I was told they should be coming off this spring

#1 Post by tdawg7669 »

Which has me both excited and worried. More of the latter to be honest. I went in to treat a openbite, posterior crossbite, and some mild-moderate crowding issues. No extractions btw. I was told 18-24 months and if they come off in the spring that would be around 12 months. Considering that I was told surgery might be a possibility I am having doubts about my case being done that quickly.

Also I was told other things like that I would end up with a gap between my 2 front teeth, which apparently isnt going to happen now.

As for the teeth themselves, I think my smile is without a doubt wider. I had a 6 tooth smile before and now I have a 8-10 tooth smile. However the bite is still open in the back.

Oh and I havent had elastics or anything yet. What do you guys think? The explanation he gave when asked was that I am a fast responder that I show up for appointments and that everything is lining up nicely. I just hope everything gets done.

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#2 Post by Loztredders »

Hi, I honestly don't think your ortho would take the braces off before all your problems regarding your teeth have been corrected ( as far as possible, anyway) so try not to worry.
Remember, your ortho is a proffessional and will be able to see, probably a lot easier than we are able to about how soon the teeth will move into their correct places etc.
Having said that, perhaps bring up your concerns with you ortho at your next appointment and I'm sure he/she will be able to set your mind at ease a little.
Also remember that it is just an estimated time that he has given you, and that 'spring' could possibly mean 4-7 months time. As spring starts in around 4 months and ends 3 months later, if you see what I mean.
But yea, I'm no expert, not even braced yet actually! Lol. But that's just how I'd be thinking of my orthodontist said that to me :-)

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#3 Post by tdawg7669 »

eh i hope you are right, but it just seems like such a drastic change from what he initially told me combined with the fact that there is a lot to be done

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#4 Post by macgirl4ever »

I believe that many of us are sentenced to 18-24 months. It's a realistic picture, I think, because most of us on this board seem to have our braces off at that time. There are a few people however who are outliers and finish early or super late. Sometimes your ortho can give you a better estimate during treatment because s/he has a better idea of how your teeth will respond to ortho.
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#5 Post by hal2me »

Originally, I was told 20 months. Then it was 18 months, now my braces are coming off tomorrow at a little over 20 months. It all depends on how your teeth respond to treatment. Don't be surprised if you wind up back at the original sentence time.

Good luck! :D

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