Does your Orthodontist have good teeth?

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Does your Orthodontist have good teeth?

#1 Post by Flamingo »

Ok, so i'm filling up the forum with post's tonight but.....

Does your orthodontist have great teeth?

I know it might seem a bit of a random question but I've now been to seen 2 orthodontists and both had really crooked teeth!!
I really wasn't happy or comfortable with either of them - both rude, patronizing, rough when handling my mouth / head etc.

I'm just wondering where an ortho. get's off being really rude (not in a professional way either) about my profile when they have awful teeth themselves - is it not a little hypocritical?

Am off to see Ortho. #3 next week - fingers crossed :)

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#2 Post by Snowglobe32 »

My ortho is an older gentlemen so he has older teeth, but they look nice.

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#3 Post by catgyrl »

I don't know... He never smiles, and he always wears masks. :lol: But he's still very handsome...

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#4 Post by blackapple »

The orthodontist I am seeing has perfect teeth and so do his children. I even asked him at my consult if he wore braces before and he said yes :) I think it's a bit weird to be seeing an ortho who doesn't see the need to address his own teeth but will easily see a patient to fix their issues. It's like going to the hairdresser and the stylist having jacked up hair. How are you gonna fix mine?

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#5 Post by Audra »

My orthodontist has beautiful teeth.


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#6 Post by NervousNewbie »

My ortho has a family picture on his website - his wife has the most gorgeous teeth I've ever seen, and he and his children have perfect teeth.

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#7 Post by VA5 »

My ortho has nice teeth too.

I agree that it's a bit odd for a professional to not practice what they preach. If my dentist has yellowing plaque all over his teeth, then I guarantee I will not go to him. When I look at ads for plastic surgeons, I immediately notice how the doctor looks. It's like I expect them to be gorgeous, and if they aren't then they are not competent.

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#8 Post by Dilema »

my ortho had no teeth


just kiddin

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#9 Post by NervousNewbie »

Dilema wrote:my ortho had no teeth

Braced September 23, 2010
Debraced February 20, 2014
Estimated Treatment Time: 24 months
Actual Treatment Time: 41 months

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#10 Post by jackjack »

My ortho has nice teeth, you can tell he had braces because of how straight they are. He's young and kinda cute too :)

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#11 Post by Lynette »

I've never actually noticed! Next time I will have to pay more attention and find out.

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Re: Does your Orthodontist have good teeth?

#12 Post by hazel »

My orthodontist doesn't have straight teeth...during my first visit when I asked if I was too old for braces, he told me he was thinking of getting braces himself........and he's about my age. Not having straight teeth doesn't mean he isn't good (it took me over 4 months to get an appointment for a consultation), it's just that when we were young only children who had really severely crooked teeth used to get braces....Probably an orthodontist with crooked teeth would be a bad patient for another orthodontist..... :lol:

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#13 Post by EstelleDeParis »

My ortho has perfect teeth and so does the staff! One of the dental assistant is wearing braces!

During my first consultation he told me, he recently had to wear them again and that he actually designed his own and that the staff members design their own too.

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#14 Post by Donna »

LOL, I was going to post the exact same question! My ortho has straight teeth, although they do need a good whitening treatment.

But last week, when I went to pick up my retainers, I saw a different ortho (because mine was away) and I noticed her lower teeth were crowded. I thought hmmm.... I don't know why but I assumed that all orthos would have had braces at some point in their life.

I don't expect plastic surgeons to be gorgeous at all, but I do expect cosmetic dentists to have beautiful teeth and dermatologists to have perfect skin.

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#15 Post by Noodle1 »

My ortho has good teeth, i think it's important to install confidence when you arrive. It's almost like a really good advertisement, an ortho with bad teeth would make me start to wonder.
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