Getting a little bored....

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Getting a little bored....

#1 Post by ashesgap »

I'm almost at the six month mark and i'm actually bored of the braces. I haven't had power chains or elastics. I'm just waiting for something to happen.
Anyone else?
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4-9-12 Deband!
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Re: Getting a little bored....

#2 Post by VA5 »

ashesgap wrote:I'm almost at the six month mark and i'm actually bored of the braces. I haven't had power chains or elastics. I'm just waiting for something to happen.
Anyone else?
It's not supposed to be exciting.. but I do understand. I want something NEW every time I get an adjustment. If they just change out what I have for the same thing, I get a little annoyed, lol.

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#3 Post by catgyrl »

Ditto! I just had my ligs changed last time, and I was like, "That's it??" I was rather disappointed, but I know the wires must still be working so he wouldn't change them yet.

Steph in Sac
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#4 Post by Steph in Sac »

Ditto. I was excited to have them and now I'm done. They aren't terribly bothersome, but the novelty has worn off. I've had them on for 7 months. They should be off in 2 months--maybe that's why I'm done because I see the finish line on the horizon. Sigh.

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#5 Post by farmboy »

I know exactly how you feel. However, in my case, I'm more worried about exactly what will happen.

An archwire change seems very anticlimactic compared to the three or four weeks waiting for the adjustment.

On the other hand, when I'm headed into an appointment, I always worry about whether this will be the time I get some massive spring attached or walk out of the office with elastics zig-zagging everywhere in my mouth.

I was gung-ho and ready for anything when I first got braced, but now worry about how cooperative I'd be with "compliance required" items like elastics....

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#6 Post by sapphirerose924 »

I just got elastics and I would love to go back to before I got them and was just getting lig changes. :soremouth:


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#7 Post by Noodle1 »

I have exactly the same thing, initially movement was drastic and the change from terrible teeth to straight teeth was really exciting but now nearly 18 months in and it's only minor adjustments which is really frustrating and much less motivating!
I also found it really frustrating when wires weren't changed. Glad to know loads of other people are thinking the same thing.
Next appointment on tuesday and i'm really hoping he'll give be the good news that the next visit will be the last but that could just be wishful thinking!!
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#8 Post by felicia »

I am 1 year into my treatment, with about 6 months left. At my every appt. my ortho just puts bends into my wire. I always ask the assistant what exactly did he do, and she explains...and then I spend my next 4 weeks watching that 1 or 2 teeth he worked on...BORING.
I miss all that movement from the first 6 months...

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#9 Post by 1fifthmiles »

yes, exactly, what my ortho is doing now is to bend the wires every appointment. however, i was just wondering, why doesnt the dentist bend everything all at once? ppppshhh, and i dont change my wires anymore, cos its the finishing wire.

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#10 Post by loradora »

You could always go outside and watch the grass grow LOL. I had a tooth extracted, so I'm watching the gap close...lookin' good.


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#11 Post by Neptune »

I'm at the 2 and 1/2 year mark and I've been bored for maybe a year, and DEFINITELY for the last 6-10 months. What's significant about that amount of time? Well, nothing was happening. In order to address a specific location where my teeth meet, the ortho moved brackets, bent the archwire, removed the archwire, went back to moving brackets, etc...all to no avail. Finally, he just removed the brackets of my upper four front teeth, condemned the just-removed bracket, and put on an entirely different bracket family on those teeth. FINALLY, after MONTHS OF NOTHING, the teeth are finally moving into the position they should have been in over a year ago.

(Yes, I'm more than a little bit annoyed. :) I'm just glad that real and legitimate progress is being made.)
08 Apr 2008 - Front teeth braced.
30 Aug 2010 - New bracket brand placed on upper four incisors.

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#12 Post by Laney'sBraces »

That IS frustrating. Finally changing the bracket after a year?! I am however far into my treatment my banner says at the bottom of my post, and yes, I am over it. Like, O. V. E. R. IT.
It was exciting a year ago. With the slight aligning that happened almost right off the bat, I found myself smiling more than ever before in my life. My braces seemed novel then, and I almost felt like they were cute.
Now, no. It's no longer novel. It's not cute. Elastics are gross and cumbersome. And I am convinced that my left central incisor is not bracketed properly, I mean, it's still not aligned. grr. This despite having had 5 brackets repositioned june 2.
And what really torques me is that I have to feel like a big stinking pain to address my concerns with my Ortho, b/c if I say nothing, the assintants handle almost everything, and he doesn't pop by until I'm on my back with my mouth jammed open.
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#13 Post by BracedVeryLate »

I am with you. I am completely bored and frankly tired of this whole thing including all the swollen gums from the molar bands that don't agree with me. I am 2 and 1/2 years in and I barely post here anymore because there is NOTHING to report. What I could have done with some cosmetic dentistry and an implant has turned into a very expensive pain in the ... that's taking way too long. I am also not impressed with the overall change to my face - wish I had researched more options. Just feeling tired of this whole thing and I still have at least 6 months to go, then the whole whitening process, then a screw implanted, and finally the missing canine implant... Hopefully when it's all done I can post a more positive note, but had I known what I know now, I would have chosen something else to fix the major issues and just left the rest of my teeth slightly crooked.

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#14 Post by Neptune »

BracedVeryLate, you've got quite a ways to go after the braces experience is over. You are more deserving of frustration than I!

I just re-read my post and I sound so bitter!! Thanks for sympathizing, Laney'sBraces and BracedVeryLate -- it felt really good to get that sentiment off my chest!

I'm just hoping that on deband day I'll feel instant relief, and that all the time prior to that moment will be forgotten. ::crosses fingers::
08 Apr 2008 - Front teeth braced.
30 Aug 2010 - New bracket brand placed on upper four incisors.

Initial Ortho Sentence: 18-20 months.


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#15 Post by sammywantstraightteeth »

I've only been in my invisalign braces for 2 months and I'm bored of the whole thing too. Can't wait until this is over. I am also not very good at delayed gratification.

I was brushing my teeth in a restaurant bathroom yesterday evening hoping that no one else would walk in while I was doing it and wondering why the hell I was doing this to myself.

its a good job its costing me so much money, today that is the only thing that is keeping these things in my mouth!

I need to see a good change to get me motivated and excited again. These IPR gaps closing up would be great right about now!

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