Finally Posting Pics

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Finally Posting Pics

#1 Post by treesrib »

I am usually a spectator on this site and I finally decided to post a couple of pictures. I have had my braces for almost 12 months (9/09) and I am so pleased with the progress!! The first pic is me for the past 47 years and the second one is 12 months in. 6 more months to go!!!


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#2 Post by midlifesmile »

I give your smile TWO THUMBS UP!

YAY YOU! :thumbsup:

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#3 Post by hotsteve »

Happy times :D Roll on the next 6 months!

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#4 Post by hal2me »

Fantastic progress! Hope the next 6 months pass quickly for you!

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#5 Post by bouncintigger96 »

lookin' GREAT! :-#)
Age 40
Braced on Aug.9,2010
Est.treatment time:18mo
In-ovation/top and bottom


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#6 Post by WoodWillow »

Your smile looks fantastic! You must be pleased!
Thanks for sharing!

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#7 Post by loradora »

Your smile does look super.


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#8 Post by treesrib »

Thanks for all the great comments! I only hope that the next six months go by as quickly as the last year! :D

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