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#1 Post by SimplySpiffy »

Hey all! I just had powerchains put on yesterday to close up extraction gaps and as crazy as this probably sounds, I swear the gaps are already starting to close! It might be my imagination, but I've been paying a lot of attention to my gaps lately, so I'm pretty sure I do feel movement.

Just curious, those who have had powerchains, did you notice almost immediate movement as well? I go back to the ortho in four weeks instead of eight to have them check my progress and once these gaps are closed, all that will be left are final levelings and minor adjustments to tooth positions. It's very exciting to be honest!

Anyway, if you have any powerchain related stories, I'd love to hear them! :-)

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#2 Post by Snowglobe32 »

Hi there,

I think there already is a thread re: PC's called "The power of a PC" or something like that...you might find some good info there.

I actually have had powerchains twice, I am currently in a chain and powertie now. They do start to work rightaway and they hurt like crazy!

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#3 Post by Bekah »

I have been in powerchains for a LONG time. They have closed several gaps through my treatment overnight!

It isn't your imagination. They are literally a pain, but they work REALLY well.
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#4 Post by Margie »

I have been in power chains for the last couple of months and they really do start to work quickly. I was amazed by how fast they worked as well.

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#5 Post by Justiz »

I agree as well. I had a power chain on to close a tiny gap between my two front teeth that was created when my teeth were straightened out and I literally could see the difference by the end of the day. :shock: The power of orthodontics is amazing but it does seem to be the most painful part for me. Now I have a powertie between those teeth to keep them closed and its not so bad. Definitely worth the improvement!


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#6 Post by VA5 »

For me it depends on how large the space is. I had some extraction gaps that took FOREVER to close.. I didn't see any movement at all, it seemed, for months. And then it is finally closing.

On the other hand.. I've had really small gaps (2 mm?) close almost overnight. I have one space that is being held together by elastics. If I snap my elastic and don't have one on for a few hours, the teeth actually separate again. And then when I put the elastics back on, the space closes again, pretty much right away.

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#7 Post by 1fifthmiles »

went to the dentist today, she gave me a powerchain, with the circles connecting the the hook of the teeth to the hook of the molar to close a small gap. the gap closed within a few hours.

but sad thing is, another gap opened. how exactly does your dentist close your gap?
i mean if you close one, another gap will open somewhere.

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#8 Post by drrick »

You have to think 3 dimensionally.

The space doesnt only close along the arc of the archwire (side to side) but also front to back.
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#9 Post by yoginbraces »

My ortho did some IPR on Monday to create space for the protrusion of my top & bottom teeth. The first goal is to close gaps and then eventually I will have elastics put on to pull teeth in. I already see the gaps closing w/ powerchains so I hope elastics come sooner rather than later.

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#10 Post by macgirl4ever »

I love powerchains!

I've noticed, however, that my powerchains lose power a week or so before my adjustment and gaps that had previously closed would open though not to the extend they had before. I worry what will happen with my gap when the braces come off and there is not a powerchain to keep them together!
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