The End is Here!

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#16 Post by TumbleDryLow »

wearetheborg wrote:A wider smile isnt necessarily better IMHO
You made the correct choice, and your teeth/smile ARE perfect. A wider smile would be different, I would call it better.

Did you have whitening done at any point during your life?
Thanks. I think I made the right choice too.
Nope. Never did whiting. Probably won't. I think too white-teeth look a bit unnatural.

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#17 Post by wearetheborg »

TumbleDryLow wrote: Nope. Never did whiting. Probably won't. I think too white-teeth look a bit unnatural.
I could have SWORN you had whitening done, your teeth are so white...

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#18 Post by socksy »

amaaaaazing result! your teeth look incredible - congratulations!

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#19 Post by Noodle1 »

Congratulations they look great, so different from when you started! Very jealous that you've finished, hopefully it won't be long till i'm done...
Braced for 19 months 2 weeks and 2 days.


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#20 Post by Donna »

Congratulations! Your teeth look great! After 33 months (wow!), does it feel weird to be "naked"?

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#21 Post by hal2me »

Congratulations!!!! Your teeth look amazing!!!

Wear that retainer!!! :lol:

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#22 Post by sisi »

The transformation is truly amazing. You are a poster-child for orthodontics!

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Re: The End is Here!

#23 Post by Anna5 »

Wow, such a great transformation without surgery! I hope this gives all of us who declined surgery hope!

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Re: The End is Here!

#24 Post by MelRoberg »

Congratulations, they look amazing!

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Re: The End is Here!

#25 Post by Dana6 »

Your teeth look beautiful! You must be so excited!!

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Re: The End is Here!

#26 Post by fudge911 »

Great transformation! You must be so happy :)

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Re: The End is Here!

#27 Post by Lorianne »

aww, wonderful!!! congrats to you!

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Re: The End is Here!

#28 Post by emilyvonstroodle »

wow, your teeth look amazing! Enjoy your new smile :)

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