Braces and Teaching

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Braces and Teaching

#1 Post by BBraces »

After reading several stories about how much it hurts the braces at first (bruises, etc, drinking only liquids, etc) and how painful it is, I am bit concerned because I am a teacher so I NEED to speak.

Should I see about getting them during the long holidays instead of during the year? Will two months be enough time to get some teeth pulled out and then braces adjusted in my mouth and eating normal food?? :shock:

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#2 Post by Leyfy »


I am a teacher. I have fixed ceramic braces, but nothing actually which is really affecting my speech, like a pendulum or anything like that. I have a very slight lisp, but nothing overly noticeable. It took literally a few hours to adjust to them, and i had them fitted after work so I had a whole evening before going in and facing 30 teenagers!!!

The only problem I found was when I had a heavy teaching day two days after having them fitted. The braces rubbed like absolute crazy from lots of talking (especially the canine hooks! OUCH!), and I had loads of ulcers and cuts. I then used some wax to get rid of the sharp edges and the relief was instant!!!

I haven't had any teeth removed, so I cant comment on that, but that was the most painful part for me. If you are worried maybe schedule them around the holidays, like you have suggested?

Good luck :)

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#3 Post by AnnR »

I have fixed ceramics too. I had them fitted after work and then took the next day off sick - I was nervous of eating in front of people and also I had a slight lisp and didnt want to have to keep explaining as I was feeling a bit down in the dumps about it all. However, only a week or so later and I'm much happier and comfortable with it. Eating is still a bit more tricky but if you take soft food or soup to work then you'll be fine! It may be best for your piece of mind to have them done in the longer hols but I honestly don't think people will notice that much, that's my experience.

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#4 Post by KimC »

I am a junior high teacher so most of my students understand if I am having a bad day. I would typically schedule my appointments for Friday afternoons. even my worst adjustments were tolerable by the following Monday. It doesn't always make for the best weekend, but sure makes Happy Hour worthwhile.

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#5 Post by braceface2514 »

I'm a teacher too. I chose to get my braces on in late June for the same reasons, I was worried about adjusting. I'm glad I did. I'm not going to lie, it took me a good few weeks to adjust, i.e. figure out how to talk, smile, laugh, EAT etc. with what felt like a steel cage in my mouth! It didn't help that I got my extractions a week after the braces. But, I think maybe I am the exception. I am a total wimp! :D You'll probably be fine with doing it on a Friday or maybe before a long weekend.

Regardless of when you do it though, you won't regret it!

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#6 Post by itsabouttime22 »

I also waited until I was done teaching for the summer to get mine on, just so I would have more time to get used to them. But if you don't want to put it off any longer, I would just go for it. I had two baby molars extracted- I definitely needed that whole day to recover and stop bleeding, but the next day I was ok- although I had chipmunk cheeks! I had the braces put on the day after that- and by then I was not too bad- in pain, still swollen and had a bit of a lisp, but I could have taught if I had too.
Looking back I wish I wouldn't have waited until break to get them on- I could have had them on 3 months sooner and would be alot further along in the process. I would have rather been at work if I had to be in pain instead of all the 4th of July barbeques I went too!

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#7 Post by Theresa48 »

I am a teacher too, and I got braces on a Friday, then went in to work on Monday. That gave me enough time to adjust...the kids LOVE it that I have braces, since most of them have, or will have, braces! They are a supportive group, and I think it gave us some solidarity! (Common enemy, et al....)

Keep a bottle of water, lots of wax, and lip balm on you at all times, they are life savers. Sometimes at the end of a big lecture day, my mouth is tired, but just rest after a long day.

Also, I buy smoothees for lunch, so I don't have to worry about food in braces and spending too much time brushing. Just a smoothee then a quick brushing!

Just get your braces, don't wait! It just makes it longer, there is never a good time, and who wants to spend vacation getting used to them!

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In the Same Boat!

#8 Post by Tiffsmile »

Yay! It's so nice to hear from teachers with braces! I got mine (not so attractive metal in all) at the end of the school year in addition to an extraction. Boy, am I glad I waited! It definitely does take some getting used to both physically and emotionally.

I'm rather anxious about the beginning of school because I'm not sure how the kids are going to react. I wouldn't be so concerned if I had ceramic braces, but mine are metal and I'm unsure. One would think that it wouldn't be that big of a deal considering several of them will have braces this year too (I teach 5th). Any thoughts on this?

Any comments to boost my ego would be welcome here! :)

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#9 Post by KimC »

I teach junior high and my kids loved teh fact that I had braces. I think they felt like they could relate to me better. I even found that they would come to me with some of their braces issues. Don't worry, school will be your braces "safe zone"

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#10 Post by macgirl4ever »

I absolutely agree! Not only that, but I have become the champion of retainers. If I notice that one of my students is not wearing their retainer because they're too self conscious, we have a little talk about what is more embarrassing- having plastic teeth or braces when you're in your 30s. At least two parents have e-mailed thanking me for doing what they couldn't- getting their kid to wear their retainer.
Braced: 20 months March 2009-November 2010

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#11 Post by itsabouttime22 »

Tiffsmile- I also got my braces over summer and am curious how my students will react (I teach special edu to K-4). I anticipate alot of questions! Luckily a few other teachers have or have had braces, so I won't be the first. Good luck!

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#12 Post by BBraces »

Great replies and advise! Thank YOU guys! :D

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#13 Post by bottlecap1990 »

braces DON"T affect your speech at all (at least for me). Palate expanders do.

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#14 Post by TraceA »

It's great to hear I'm not the only teacher with braces! I'm 2 months in now. I had mine fitted on a Thurs afternoon & then had to teach first thing Monday morning (I teach KS5 - 16-18 yr olds - & they had exams coming up). My speech was fine but like some of the other comments my mouth hurt by the end of the day. The students were fantastic though, telling me about their experiences. I'm starting a new job in Sept & I'm wondering how long it'll be before the students say something about my brace. My other students knew it was happening because I had discussed it with them & asked their advice. Have to wait & see. To all the UK teachers - enjoy the rest of the holidays!

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#15 Post by smithie »

I got my braces on during an 11am appointment, then taught a class at 2pm. I do not think your caution is warranted regarding braces. I've not had any teeth pulled, though. Good luck!

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