How often are your adjustments??

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#16 Post by fluffybottom »

In the beginning, my adjustments were anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks apart depending on what was being done. When I hit the 18 month mark, I went in about every 4 weeks and towards the end when she was tweaking things, I'd come in every 1-2 weeks.
I had my braces on for 2 years, 1 month, 2 weeks and 2 days.


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#17 Post by loradora »

Every six weeks for me.


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#18 Post by 1fifthmiles »

I know why its normally 4-6 weeks.
Got this from:

After you have had braces for more than 6 months, your teeth get used to the extra pressure. At this point, an adjustment might not hurt at all, but your teeth usually feel sore for about a week afterwards. For some people, the teeth don't feel sore again until the next adjustment. But for others, the pain dissipates for a week or two, and then a week before the next adjustment, the teeth are sore again. Why is this?

The cell regeneration process occurs after an adjustment. Your teeth are under force and move and causes some cells (bone, tissue) to break down and new cells to regenerate. After the regeneration happens the teeth and supporting structures begin giving and moving again and the cycle continues. This is why most orthodontists see patients every 4-5 weeks. The cell regeneration process typically takes about 3 weeks and that gives patients enough time after an adjustment to be ready for another one.

Because today's wires move teeth slowly over a long period of time, the whole cell regeneration doesn't stop/go/stop/go as it used to with older style wires, now it just moves your teeth continually. Movement continues until the wire is fully back to the original size and shape, at which time you are ready for a stiffer and larger arch wire.

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#19 Post by llehsal »

Every 4 to 5 weeks for next adjustment however is next 3 weeks. I have mine in since June of sure..but around that time.
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#20 Post by Wongohk »

29th July, 10th Sept, one after that..???

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#21 Post by amandabrown »

I go every 10 weeks exactly.

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#22 Post by Ohkae »

I just got my braces put on this week & my first adjustment is on the 3rd week of september. So 7-8 weeks.

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#23 Post by Justiz »

When I first got braces they had me going every 6 weeks but now I am at every 9 weeks. I kinda preferred every 6 weeks because I felt like more was going on but the nice thing about having them farther apart is that my cheeks get to heal up before I get tortured again!! :D


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first adj -oct --8 weeks

#24 Post by believer1964 »

wonder why some are longer than others.

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#25 Post by roost22 »

fluffybottom wrote:In the beginning, my adjustments were anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks apart depending on what was being done. When I hit the 18 month mark, I went in about every 4 weeks and towards the end when she was tweaking things, I'd come in every 1-2 weeks.
same here, almost done, 10 days to 2 weeks
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#26 Post by bouncintigger96 »

My first one will be Oct 11th
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#27 Post by yoginbraces »

My adjustments are every 12 wks (at this point at least). I was braced May 24 and had my 1st adjustment this week. My next adjustment will be in November.

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#28 Post by sunsmile »

I go to the dentist every month for adjustment.

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#29 Post by felicia »

4 weeks apart

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#30 Post by TraceA »

Doesn't it depend on which system being used? My boys had metal braces with bands & went every 4- 6 weeks. I've got Damon braces (clear upper brackets, metal lower brackets) & have to go every 8 weeks. I had my first adjustment on 29th July & I'm going again Sept 21st. I was a bit concerned because I haven't felt any discomfort with my teeth this time so I didn't think anything much was happening but I can see they are definitely still moving! My ortho told me to take painkillers before the next adjustment as it will be the one that will really move my front teeth!

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