How often are your adjustments??

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How often are your adjustments??

#1 Post by gary »

I've been going basically every 4 weeks since January. I use either the father (who put on the braces) or his son. They share their notes and i've had fine experiences with either one. But for some reason the dad has been flakin out lately and cancels his appointments. This has happened a few times since getting them on. Now the way it worked out with everyone's schedules, it's going to be about 6 weeks or so since my last one. I feel like that is too long and I like going in every 4 weeks, but it was the only way we could work it. I do have elastics in right now, so at least I feel like something is tighter at certain points of the day, ya know. Nevertheless, I think I am gonna stick with the son from now on. Anyway, thanks for listening....

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#2 Post by haywire »

4-5 weeks in my case
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#3 Post by appygirl82 »

I go every 6 weeks!

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#4 Post by Jay04 »

I go every 6 weeks too.
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#5 Post by 38Illinois »

My first adjustment is for 8 weeks. Is that normal for the first one to be two months?
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SDFD TSchott
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#6 Post by SDFD TSchott »

Could be anywhere from 4-8 weeks, I know when I had braces the first time my first 3 adjustments were 8 weeks apart.


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#7 Post by sadpanda »

My first adjustment is supposed to be in 6-8 weeks.

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#8 Post by Noodle1 »

i've been going every 7-8 weeks
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wired nana
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#9 Post by wired nana »

So far every 5 weeks.

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psych braces
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#10 Post by psych braces »

first adjustment was 8 weeks and the second is scheduled for 7 weeks

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#11 Post by bottlecap1990 »

my first adjustment is in 3 weeks. Do you think this is too soon?

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Snaggle Tooth
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#12 Post by Snaggle Tooth »

Hmmmm, I am every 3 weeks pretty much like clockwork. Once or twice I have gone in at 2 weeks, depending what they are doing. If I miss my 3 week I feel like things just quit moving, like whatever configuration they have, be it springs, wire, elastics or whatever, seems to slow their movement at about 2-2.5 weeks. I like my 3 week adjustment time!

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#13 Post by itsabouttime22 »

The first one was 5, second one is scheduled for 6.

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#14 Post by DrBlur »

Mine are every 6 weeks
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#15 Post by shellycassada »

Mine are scheduled every 4 weeks.

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