Braces for spacing; Anyone Else?

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Braces for spacing; Anyone Else?

#1 Post by Tshaggg17 »

So today is Friday, I just got my braces on Tuesday. It was no way near as bad as I thought it would be. No pain at all just a little pressure. I have gaps on the top that I wanted closed and currently only have the top braces on and they are metal. I get the bottoms in about 2 months.

My teeth feel very brittle and loose at times and its hard to eat but nothing unbearable. The wires near my gums are tearing me up though lol. So excited bout getting this spaces closed I dont really care. When will the spaces start closing? I know I just got them on but I must admit I dont understand fully how the braces will work. I'm assuming after the adjustment appointment I should begin to see some change.

Anyone else with braces for spacing? Feel free to share.

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#2 Post by ashesgap »

The main reason i got braces was for my gaps. I'm missing my upper laterals, so of course all the other teeth spread out, i have gaps and my midline is way off. I have one slightly crooked tooth, and as soon as it moves straight i'll get power chains to pull my canines into the lateral spots and open spaces for canine implants. From what my ortho told me the hardest part isn't closing the gaps, its making the spaces for the implants the perfect size. Hopefully it happens fast....i'd prefer to be done with braces at 18 months instead of 24.
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#3 Post by Kinda Nervous »

Spacing, I had some spacing on my bottom teeth, which are small teeth
and I have had my braces for almost 7 months and I have to say my spaces are just about closed up. I had power chains put on top and bottom and a zing string I think that is the name put on the bottom and it did the trick closed them up so fast just a wee bit more and they will be all closed but now because I had some teeth out, my bite is off I think that is going to take the longest ....

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#4 Post by evilnel »

I also had a lot of spaces on the top. I'm almost 8 months in and we're still closing them, but there are only 2 now (instead of like, a space between each tooth) and they're about 1 mm instead of much bigger. Everybody is different, but I definitely saw changes within about a month of getting my braces on.

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Braces for spacing; anyone else?

#5 Post by MegP60+ »

I had a space in between my upper molars into which I could stick my whole tongue before braces. I have had my braces on for two months now and can no longer feel a space at all, although with the molar bands it is difficult to see the change, but can definitely feel it has closed.

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