out of curiosity - how many of us are second/third timers?

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out of curiosity - how many of us are second/third timers?

#1 Post by alimommy1 »

Just wondering how many here are doing this again.... and again. :)

SDFD TSchott
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#2 Post by SDFD TSchott »

Will find out next Tuesday my outcome if I will be a second timer or not.


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#3 Post by macgirl4ever »

Hand raised sheepishly.
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Steph in Sac
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#4 Post by Steph in Sac »

Round 2 for me. I'm getting a permanent retainer this time!!

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#5 Post by Jethro »

Second time around for me. Had them as a teenager and all was well until I reached my forties...then my teeth started to shift significantly. Currently at 19 months and counting...!

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#6 Post by Wireless »

I'm hoping to finish "round 3" soon. I first had braces as a teenager (in the 1960's!). However, I had a deep bite return within ten years and had to have braces again in my late 30's as my lower teeth were starting to irritate the gums behind my uppers.

This lasted until my late fifties. The second treatment, like the first, didn't involve any long term retention. I had the mistaken belief too that teeth don't move much in older adults - oops!! Not so!!

I started experiencing ear aches a few years ago and some gum irritation again behind my front uppers where my lowers we contacting again. Since I had already had two "duds" I decided I wasn't going to do this again and tried to ignore the problem unless my dentist said something. Unfortunately, the irritation progressed to the point of being painful with receding gums. My dentist told me he couldn't do anything further until I had completed an ortho treatment that started at age 58 (round 3!!).

My orthodontist told me that my condition is hard to treat and nearly impossible to hold correction due to the shape of my jaws. I also had complications from earlier treatments that steered the present to Invisalign. I'm hoping to finish in a few months but will have retainers at night for the rest of my life - unless I would like to sign up for round 4!!

I have a number of friends who have had relapses but decided not to get retreatments. In their cases, the problems are cosmetic and not causing dental problems.

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#7 Post by farmboy »

This is my second--and last!--time.

I had braces for more than three years when I was younger for a massive overjet. At the end of all that, I got bonded retainers on my upper and lower teeth.

My orthodontist pried off the bonded retainers after four years. I asked him if I needed a removable retainer. He laughed, then said: "Your teeth will never move again!"

Jump forward in time a couple of decades, and things have shifted. My teeth look swell, however, my bite has slouched enough to cause me clenching and gum problems. So it's back to the ortho's chair for me.

I'm determined not to have a third round!

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#8 Post by browneyedgrl »

I completed round 2 last year!!! I wore my retainers for a number of years and stopped. I was involved in an auto accident back in 1992 which led to my tmj problems much later on and the relapse.
Started the journey for the second time on January 10th 2008~Ceramic uppers and metal lowers. Removed on June 2nd 2009.


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#9 Post by retainerjoe »

oh yes at 52 it's round three for me :-#)
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#10 Post by alimommy1 »

I'll be watching for your update, Tim. I was chuckling today listening to one of the office assistants at the office today telling someone on the phone 'well we prefer our patients to wear retainers FOREVER but we don't cover office visits forever, just for a year. However, if you notice your retainers don't FIT, please call us so we can do something about that before you need to have braces again.'

SIGH. Somebody needs to come up with a way to make the results the first time permanent and not leave it in the hands of 'user error'.

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#11 Post by alimommy1 »

I'm with you Steph, I'm planning to see if my ortho will be willing to give me a permanent on top, as well as replace the permanent on bottom afterwards. I'll still wear my removables but I want a guarantee. I'm nervous after seeing a few people who had relapse issues even while wearing retainers....

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#12 Post by alimommy1 »

Farmboy - I don't think I would let my dentist or ortho remove the bonded retainer, and especially after this round I won't. I'll just make sure it gets checked twice a year or however often they recall me lol. I guess it's bad too that we WANT to believe when someone says 'oh your teeth won't move'. We're all proof otherwise!

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#13 Post by alimommy1 »

Hi Ken :D

I wonder why retention didn't seem to be as important years ago - even though it's obvious that's the main problem orthos have. I mean, teeth move, for the most part, but that's also an issue AFTER treatment lol.

One thing I discovered about perio - you might never know you have a problem until you have bone loss. I had some problems a couple years ago but now I have been pronounced healthy. Also, some dentists are better at taking care of problems than others. I do hope this is the end of your tmj problems and headaches!

Aha, I bet we will see even more of you here so you can vent via typing if you're not able to speak properly!!

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