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#16 Post by fluffybottom »

Thanks everyone! I'm really happy with my results and the only regret I have is that I wasn't able to do this sooner!
I had my braces on for 2 years, 1 month, 2 weeks and 2 days.


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#17 Post by Amazing Grace »

:jump: AWESOME

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#18 Post by Bekah »

Yay! It is great that you are free and they look AWESOME!!
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#19 Post by chloerae »

Wow! Your transformation is amazing. You have a beautiful new smile!!

I have a similar 'starting point' compared to your first photo so this makes me excited for my results in about 2.5 years!!

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#20 Post by GeenBug »

You look great!

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#21 Post by sisi »

Stunning result. That is totally inspiring - thank you for posting those pics.

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#22 Post by Becca »

That's AMAZING!! Congrats!! :rawk: :jump: :rawk:

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#23 Post by VikingGirl »

Just HAVE to comment on how beautiful your smile is! You look so wonderful! Congrats!

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#24 Post by Kimberly7878 »

Wow, you look great! Beautiful smile :)
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That is awesome and encouraging

#25 Post by believer1964 »


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#26 Post by Loztredders »

Oh my gosh, your smile is stunning!! You must be so pleased!! Congrats :-)

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#27 Post by blindboarder2008 »

congratz!!! you look so good!!
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#28 Post by hotsteve »

That really is a great transformation :D

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