People who had braces in their 40's or olde-Was it worth it?

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People who had braces in their 40's or olde-Was it worth it?

#1 Post by believer1964 »

I just turned 46. I have a deep overbite and top teeth that go inwards.

For you braced people in your forties or older , was it worth it? Is your smile more attractive, was the results worth it, do you look younger? Any before/after pics?


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#2 Post by catgyrl »

Absolutely worth every penny; every bit of discomfort! I've only had mine on 2 months and my smile is already better than it was before. My teeth are also CLEANER and HEALTHIER than they've ever been in my life. Of course, I've got almost 2 years left to go, so things can only get better. :D


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#3 Post by catgyrl »

By the way, I'm 42.


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Did you get Damon or "regular" braces?

#4 Post by believer1964 »

We need braced smily emoticons, LOL!!!! :lol:

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#5 Post by yoginbraces »

Since I'm still relatively new to braces (one month in on 6/24) I'm not much of an expert yet so I don't contribute to the forum very often but this question is a no brainer. :D

The short answer to your question is YES, getting braces is so worth it!!

And let me give you my reasons why:

My teeth were not crooked per se. My problem is upper and lower overjet and two teeth in front that don't line up *perfectly* (noticeable to me only I'm sure but it has always bothered me nonetheless). My estimate treatment time is 12 to 18 months.

I tell you this to say I didn't "need" braces by many people's standards but I have always been self conscious about my smile (I live in LA where everyone is obsessed with perfect teeth) so at age 45 I, who has always been self conscious about my smile, gets braces!!?? might think it would make me even MORE self conscious but the truth is, sure, I am a little self conscious but surprisingly no more than before.

The big difference now however is my teeth even after only ONE month have shifted and actually look good enough to this obsessed Angeleno that if my braces were removed tomorrow I would be happier with my teeth than I was a month ago before getting braces.

In my opinion, the worst time is when you are in limbo. Imagining yourself in braces, fretting over it but not actually in braces.

At least now when I go thru my "I'm so sick of braces!!" moments all I have to do is pull out a mirror (which I carry with me at all times) and glance at my smile and then I'm happy again. To see my teeth getting into shape is not only nice to look at but something I never thought I'd see so it also *feels* wonderful.

The last time I felt this good was when I finished my degree as a working adult. I had a major sense of personal accomplishment then and I have that same feeling now.

There are two other improvements since getting braced:

1. I have amazing oral hygiene now. It was good before but braces force you to become great.

2. I look younger w/ a little sparkle!! :D I think straighter teeth make you look younger and fresher but add to that my teeth are always clean and shiny so it only enhances my look even more.

I hope you decide to get braces if there is any way you can afford it financially. You will not regret it!!!

P.S. I didn't read this before posting so I hope there aren't any typos.

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#6 Post by pigonthego »

just turned 40 and hand them on for 18 months now. Should have them off in 3-4 months. Best money ever spent :D

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#7 Post by Donna »

Yes, definitiely worth it! I am 42 and my teeth are looking good! Not sure if they make me look younger...but I hope so! Sorry, no pics. I haven't been good at documenting my progress at all.

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#8 Post by Kirish »

I think you should look at it in the following way:

Assuming a 50 years old person with a beautiful set of teeth and a gorgeous smile, get punched in the face by some angry guy, and as a consequence get croocked teeth and smile. What will he do ?, I say with 100% confidence that if that person has the money, he will fix his teeth to look great again (he'll probably even sue that angry guy to pay for it).

Those of us who contemplate braces, simply got punched in the face by mother nature, why should we act differently ?, because it's mother nature and not some guy who punched us, we need to accept it ?


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People who have braces in their 40's or older - was it worth

#9 Post by MegP60+ »

Agree 100% with Catygirl. After just six weeks I like my smile more than before and my teeth are cleaner and whiter than ever before, even though I was a flosser and thought I was cleaning them well before. So glad I decided to go ahead at the grand old age of 60. Can't wait to see the end result and smile for the camera!

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#10 Post by Theresa48 »

I am thinking it is worth it...I am 48, and it is not easy...0nly a month in, and I have my moments. I am on vacation, so it has been a bit of an issure re: foods, eating out...but I think that stuff is so individual, most people can eat anything, I cannot for a variety of brace issues.

What I do know is that I needed braces for sooooo long, if I had just done it, it would be over by now, so my only regret is not doing this earlier and just sucking up the cost, it would have been worth it.

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#11 Post by almost50 »

48 and soon to be debraced.

Totally worth it.

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#12 Post by alimommy1 »

I don't think I have ever met someone who regretted having braces as an adult, everybody has moments and days when they are miserable but as a whole, it's a longterm investment in your health and functionality. Some people have said it was either get braces or end up with dentures in a couple of years, even if there was nothing 'technically' wrong with their teeth, so in a case like that, I would MUCH rather go through braces (expensive yet temporary) and have my teeth for a lifetime instead of eventually losing them to a truckload of expensive dental work or dentures and then having to deal with dentures forever.....

I don't even want bonding or veneers really, I prefer to have my natural teeth lol.

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#13 Post by hj55 »

It is absolutely worth it! I am now 55, and due to get my braces off on 8 July after nearly 20 months. When I started out the description of my teeth was 'irregularity of the top & bottom teeth, but the teeth are in a good horizontal relationship. The overbite is increased. The top front & bottom front teeth are across to the right. The side teeth do not mesh together as well as they should during chewing. The top side teeth are inside rather than outside on the right hand side.' One of my lower right molars was tipped over sideways at 45 degrees.

All of that has now gone I can bite and chew properly and my teeth mesh together properly. I spent years wishing I could do something about my teeth and I am so glad I have, my teeth looked OK but didn't really work well, the health of my gums has also improved.

In the beginning when I first had braces none of my teeth touched, chewing was very difficult but gradually my teeth came together, helped on their way with the dreaded elastics! It really is worth taking the plunge!

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#14 Post by Pattyb »

I'm 52 and have had my braces 5 months now.
I have seen my teeth straighten in that time like I would have never dreamed possible.

Yes, yes, yes. It is so worth the initial pain and discomfort.


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#15 Post by browneyedgrl »

It was totally worth it!!! I got mine 3 months shy of my 40th birthday and taken off 2 months after I turned 41.

Started the journey for the second time on January 10th 2008~Ceramic uppers and metal lowers. Removed on June 2nd 2009.


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