Dry lips...

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Dry lips...

#1 Post by bracedup »

So, i've been braced now for a little over 2 months now. Everything is going great, lots of movement, great smile, happy happy happy. The one thing that continually bugs me is my dry lips. I am always running my tongue over them no matter how much lip balm I put on and they are always dry. Today they are sore and very annoying. Does anyone else have this problem and what do you use to soothe them? I was told this is a temporary thing but not for me. :(

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#2 Post by hal2me »

Hi bracdup!

This problem plagued me as well. Do you breathe with your mouth open? I did when I first got my braces and this cause my lips to dry. Now, I am more conscious if my mouth is open when I am breathing.

One solution is to try Vaseline on your lips. I find this works better than lip balm or Chapstick.

Hope this helps!

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#3 Post by Snowglobe32 »

Vaseline Intensive Lip Therapy....comes in a tube. I have tried everything, this is the best. Stock up1

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#4 Post by lovelyleo »

Also might want to up your water intake. Sometimes if I am really dehydrated my lips get dry too. I am sure the braces do not help the situation.


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#5 Post by avy »

This seems to happen alot - there was a previous thread about it recently and there were a few suggestions:

1. Use Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream (worked for alot of people)
2. Make sure when you brush your teeth that you dont let foam get all around your mouth and lips - this adds to the problem.
3. I changed toothpaste brands it my lips cleared up completely. I went from an expensive Colgate to the cheaper Colgate and I havent had any issues since.

Good luck :D

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#6 Post by llehsal »

I use Vaseline Lip Therapy in the green and white tin. It really helps, but I realise I lick my lips less as it takes more out for me to do so now. He he he. If not, I use blistex medicated lip balm. These two should help.
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#7 Post by bracedup »

Thanks for the help everyone. I will get some vaseline lip therapy tomorrow. The tip about the tothpaste is also good to know Avy, thankyou.

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#8 Post by uvraise »

CARMEX, It does a great job and doesn't taste very good!

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#9 Post by alimommy1 »

I second the carmex suggestion, I love the stuff. Also, drinking more water just helps your skin - including your lips - plump up. I have carmex in my bathroom AND carmex in my car - for all those little emergencies where you need it lol. I hate when my lips get dry, it often causes me to chew on them or lick them and then it just gets worse!

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