First signs of movement...

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First signs of movement...

#1 Post by robojaws »

Hey everyone!!

I've had my braces on for almost three weeks now and I'm starting to notice some changes. Different teeth seem to feel sore every day and a couple of my incisors are now wobbly - it's a bit of a strange feeling! I keep having dreams that my teeth are falling out, haha! :shock:

I suffer from crowding and an overbite and I think some slight movement has already taken place, although nothing major just yet...I can't wait to see what happens over the next few months, I'm so excited :) After the first few weeks of getting used to my braces, I think it's one of the best decisions I've made :D

I was just wondering what others have experienced with regards to movement and when you noticed a real change in teeth straightening out?? Did it take weeks or months to notice a difference?

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#2 Post by Donna »

Hi there!

It's definitely not too early to notice changes in your teeth. I noticed my teeth straightening after a few weeks as well...especially with my lower teeth, which were crowded. Teeth move slowly, so I don't think you're going to wake up one day and notice a major change, but you will notice things looking better each day (although it is sometimes hard to see a difference when you check yourself out in the mirror 100 times a day :D ).

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#3 Post by catgyrl »

I ditto what Donna said (BTW - love the avatar, Donna!)

I started seeing minor movement in my crowded front bottom teeth after about 3 weeks, although nobody else does. I even have a small space between my two front bottom teeth, where I could never even floss before.

Exciting, isn't it? That's why it's so great to take pictures along the way. I find myself pulling out my phone at random moments throughout the day and taking pics of my arches. :lol:

What's odd is that during the day, my bite is totally screwed. I have to find a new way to eat at various points of the day. But ... when I first wake up in the morning, with my dry mouth and lips sticking to the braces - my bite is perfect!

Orthodontia is fascinating!


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#4 Post by Theresa48 »

OMG, I got mine 5 days ago and can tell things have moved!!! I really could tell even the day after...I swear, not making it up! I can tell when I compare the pictures...

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#5 Post by Skysi »

Mine moved pretty much from the time the braces went on.
I remember going home and flossing that night, and the space between two of my teeth were bigger than normally.

I had major over crowding (my wires were nowhere near straight from front on!) and knowing my teeth positions so well, any little shift seemed like major progress :D

and I was obsessive with photos for the first year and a half, haha, thinking about it, it does show how much they have shifted.
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#6 Post by berry »

I've had mine for about a week now, but I can't see any changes. I don't expect to see any for a few weeks anyway, but I can't wait to actually notice an improvement! :)


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#7 Post by suzyscientist »

I've had a few changes (after 6 ish weeks) but pretty much nothing has happened for a while. My teeth are pretty straight anyway, so its always harder to notice the changes.

But, at first, I noticed changes after just a week, especially on my lowers which have a bit of overlap. Also, I could floss between teeth I could never floss between. So, movement is definitely possible early on! Lucky you!

Suzy :D


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